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...The opponents are gonna need some severe burn treatment. AHAHAAAAAA. Anyways, I've been looking for the longest time to try and fashion a good SM team, and this is what I've got so far.

Pyremark - 1000pts.

Notable Divergence (Fierce!!!)
No Mercy, No Respite; Take the Fight to Them
Flesh Over Steel

HQ: Master Of Sanctity - 122pts
Bolt Pistol, Crozius Arcanum, Frag Grenades, Jump Pack, Rosarius

4 Tac Squads @ 544pts (Each one is the same)
- Each Squad has Furious Charge and Frag Grenades
- Sergeant w/ Terminator Honours, Combi-Flamer, Power Fist
- 3 Space Marines w/ Bolt Pistol + CCW
- 1 Space Marine w/ Flamer

2 Assault Squads @ 334pts (Each one is the same)
- Each Squad has Furious Charge, Frag Grenades, Jump Packs
- Sergeant w/ Terminator Honours, Power Fist + CCW
- 2 Space Marines w/ Flamers
- 2 Space Marines w/ Bolt Pistol + CCW

Nice and simple theme: Burn and smash! The furious charge powerfists should be strength 9 if my memory serves correctly, (doubling done first, then charge bonus) and 6 power fists, 1 Holy Crow(zius Arcanum) and 12 flame templates (4 one-shots) sounds to me like a good deal. Some possible changes I was contemplating was mainly in the Traits field, where I had a hard time dissuading myself from taking Cleanse and Purify (for the extra flamer) or See, but Don't be seen. Any thoughts?

(plus provided you can actually get all the parts from the sprues, this set up would only cost like $200 which for some crazy reason I seem to think is reasonable)

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Not really...

Your oponent will decide weather or not you shoot the flamers. Read the flamer tactica.

Your troops are going to need to foot slog a long way...

You have nothing to stop the enemy from shooting at you, while you attempt to march across the field.

However the assault squads are pretty good.

THe points on your HQ are wrong, or hes the wrong one. Depends if you picked 2 or 3 wound model.


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Yeah - I agree. You can't expect to win a battle while your troops are marching across the field of battle! Even a group of FW or Guardsmen would stop this! Either give them drop pods or infiltrate!

Assult squads is fine - think about giving them just one flamer instead - extra attacks will prove much more effecctive in the long run. And you might want to give them something that has over str4 in a firefight - take a plasmapistol.

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Sounds like a bunch of juiced-up Salamanders who forgot the meltaguns and transports....

I think you need the melta's and transports much more than the furious charge, frag grenades, and extra flamers.

Try 1 flamer in each assault squad, and a melta gun instead of a flamer in the tac squads. And get some razorbacks. You need the transport and a little long-ranged firepower. May have to drop a squad or tone down the Chappy a bit, but it will be worth it IMO.

Good luck. Salamanders are cool.
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