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[1000] Tau dark crusade list

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[1000] Tau dark crusade list

GW is hosting a Dark Crusade Mega Battle event at the local store Feb 4, so I used this as an excuse to finish painting some of my tanks. I also fully painted 2 Tetra's that were
collecting dust.

My Goal was to bring as much armor as possible in 1000 pts, while showcasing some of my Forgeworld models.

HQ-Shas'o w/ Fusion/plasma/shield/HWMT A converted Shas'o Ry'myr model (108)

FAST ATTACK-Pirahna w/Targeting Array/Fusion Blaster/X2 Seeker Missles (90)

FAST ATTACK-Tetra w/Targeting Array Modeled shas'ui to represent BS4 (55)

FAST ATTACK-Tetra (50))

TROOPS-X6 Firewarriors w/EMP's (178)

TROOPS-X6 Firewarriors w/EMP's (178)

HEAVY SUPPORT-Hammerhead w/Ion/SMS/Decoys/Target Lock/Multi Tracker (160)

HEAVY SUPPORT-Hammerhead w/Rail/SMS/Decoys/Target Locks/Multi Tracker (180)

Total Points: 999

This is what I painted so this is how it'll stay. I should be able to use the Forgeworld peices but if not I'll replace them w/ another Hammerhead. Probably better but less fun. The Commander is still codex legal though.

The Shas'o will probably deep strike to take down basalisks as I'm expecting at least 4. If not he can move foward staying behind the 6 detached fish drones using his IC status.

Next the the piranha will use his 24" movement to go basalisk hunting as well. He is closely supported by the tetra's who can luanch his seeker missles from anywhere on the table.

The Tetra's get a 24" scout move!:w00t: . They will hunt basalisk's fist turn w/ their markerlights and the Pirahnas seeker missles. After that they will support the tanks in routing out troops in cover since marker lights deny cover saves.

The troops will.....DRUM ROLL.....HUNT BASALISK'S! They will race foward 12" a turn until w/in 12" of a tank. On the following turn they disembark and move towards it firing 3 pulse carbines for a slight cahnce of destroying it. If still necessary they will assault w/ EMP's. If the tank stayed still in his previous turn they will auto hit, and if he moved to avoid this all the better.

The Hammerheads will hunt well dug in Space Marines/Imperial guard depending on the gun while using the tetra markerlights to deny cover saves.

As you can see I plan on taking down those basalisks. I'm expecting 2-4 guard, 4-6 marines, 1 sisters, 1 IG armoured company (poor them):shifty: It will most likely be Imperial versus everyone else but I heard necrons go either way. :| wait...

One last thing before I open this thread up to comments/criticism. I've been toying around w/ a new tactic (to me anyway) in my head and I want to get some opinions on if it sounds feasable. Lets say an opponent has a nice, juicy, VP fat, squad inside a land raider and he's moving them up the board. If i use my fast skimmers' 24" move to get right at his exits 1" away and cover them all, then penetrate it w/ the railgun or the pirahna's own fusion blaster (if it moved less than 12") it will wipe the squad out right? When the vehicle is penetrated by incoming fire the troops inside must bail out right away while remaining w/in 2" of any exits. If any model cannot deploy outside of 1" of any enemy model that model is destroyed. I have everything on the standard tank bases so I think I can effectively cover his exits. Is this legal? It seems like it would be a great trick, and I could use a similar technique w/ the firewarriors and their fish. Once my opponents catch on the threat of this should still push that squad out of a transport so I can shoot at all the gooey parts instead:diespam: .

What do you guys think about this? Please let me know.

Phase Out....
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