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Well, this is al MC list. I will use it in a turney(a campaing to be more precised). The "God-Fex" is highly tooled and I really don't recommend it to anyone :p Sice my army will be very slow, I guess could use such a thing :p . Mace tail and scythe tail won't be added to the godfex 'cause I think their useless :p


Scyting Talons
Toxin Sacs
Adrenal Glands( I + WS)
Toxin Miasma
Lashwhip + Bonesword
Total - 135 x 2 = 270


Total 90


6x Genestealers
Extended Caprapace
Scyting Talons( I NEED THE EXTRA ATTACK !!! )
Total 144

2x8x Spinegaunts
Total 40x2 = 80

Heavy Support

Spine Banks
Venom Cannon
Barbed Strangler
Extended Carapace
Enhanced Senses
Total 178

GODFEX(not recommended)
Acid Maw
Adrenal Glands (I+WS)
Bonded Exoskeleton
Extended Carapace
Reinforced Chitin
Toxic Miasma
Crushing Claws
Scythting Talons
Flesh Hooks
Total 242

TOTAL 1005 (I'm allowed to pass the limit by 5 )

I know you are going to say that Regeneration is too expansive, but if I have only 1 wound left I will have 4 dices to roll. The chances are pretty big to roll a 6,and with every 6 there is one wound back :D If I won't like how it performs the godfex in this list , I will change it, and probably put another Gunfex in the list ...
Another thing ! I will mostly use this list against WH or in battles 2vs2. In that case, I can mix my troops with the slow-moving orks or some other army :) (Chaos or Dark Eldar :p )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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