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1000 Tyranid Friend list

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950 Tyranid Friend list

102 Pts.
Stealers(BL Retinue)
8 Genestealers
160 Pts.

3 Warriors
-2x deathspiter
141 Pts.

6 Genestealers
96 Pts.

6 Genestealers
120 Pts.

35 Termagaunts(split into 3 groups.)
210 Pts.

Fast Attack
38 Pts.

Heavy Support
65 Pts.

Well thats my 932 Points army list. iam going to get more termagaunts n horma gaunts 3 boxes of em and 2 boxes of warriors. and a figure case so ill post the new list ....wendsday. 2 days after my b day is it?:|
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termagaunts are cannon fodder, so IMO don't load them up with biomorphs
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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