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1000 undivided

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First, hey everybody, im back from a drought of warhammer, but me and my friends are getting back into it. Wanted to know opinions or stratagies of this list. If you see some major flaws please post back(besides there aren't enough guys, i already know that)

Exalted champion(general)
-armor of damnation

Exalted champion
-Sword of battle?(+1 attack one)
-Barded warhorse

20 warriors
-Full command

5 Knights
-Full command

I like chosen a lot, i dont mind spending so many points on one unit. The general will obviously go in the warriors, and the other hero would go in the knights.
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One major flaw is that you have no magic defense, the general with a of d could be switched out for a sorcerer. Also you have a pretty low model count (27 men), Maybe you could use marauders instead of warriors, the knights are good though.
i give my general the AoD because hes my general and i don't want my opponent to get 100 points for killing my general. He almost never dies when i give him that.

like i said i know i have a low model count, it was worse when i played khorne. i pretty much had the same thing with less warriors. I also don't have any marauders, i was thinking of getting some soon, i might pick some up today.

would it be better if i took out five warriors and added a unit of marauders? If im doing the math right, i think i can fit them in for five warriors. twenty chosen warriors is a little excessive. chosen can hold their own pretty good without a back rank.

one sorcerer won't do much. thats only one dispell dice added. the magic wont do much and the chaos sorcerer is one of the most expensive. I think it would be a complete waste of points.
Reduce the chosen warriors to 12, you dont need that many with the extra points you could afford a sorcerer.
HAHAHA I once used a Khorne List like this excpet it had one hero and 6 less warriors.
It can actually work if you put all your guys on the very edge of the field and attack the
flank. Your opponent's troops on the opposite side will be way far away from you and if you
can deal with the flank before reinforcement can arrive. But so you know, a sorcerer can
always do something at low point values, and the reason they cost so much is cause they
can own in single combat. They have better stats then an empire captain and get armour
too. I once had one on a Demonic mount and he won combats single handedly.:shifty:
Reduce the chosen warriors to 12, you dont need that many with the extra points you could afford a sorcerer.
I hate units of 12. I use rows of 5, not 4. I could reduce it to 15, i dont mind that. I also would like to fit marauders in. it seems like it would be a sorcerer or marauders. I think the model count is more important than the sorceror. i would have even less than i do now if i added a sorcerer.
Yeah, 12 is a little puny in my opinion. It's what comes in the box, but one casualty almost
negates your rank bonus, and combat resolution is chaos' weakness.
12 or even 15 models is small but why waste the points in upgrading the warriors to chosen? save the points by keeping them normal warriors, drop the second champion, and add in a sorcerer or even a battle standard bearer (BSB). if you drop the chosen option then you will save yourself 120 points - enough to buy an aspiring champ as a BSB.

also drop the chosen off the knights as they won't be needing it - a 1+ armour save doesn't mean much when they are hit with a cannon ball or an accurate stone thrower hit (both of these ignore armour saves) and don't forget fanatics. the extra attack is handy but if they get shot to pieces or go toe-to-toe with a unit of 20 or so dwarves the extra attack will most likely not help them at all.

so if you take the chosen off the knights you will get 110 points back - enough to take 3 more knights.

the other option is that you could save the points from both units (a total of 230 points, not including the champion) and you could take another 13 warroirs with shields and a full command for that much, more if you take maruaders (29 marauders with shield, light armour and a full command)

Khorne Lord is right - combat res is the chaos army's worst drawback :yes: (besides the points cost per model!). think about what will win combat res not "how many models i can kill in one turn of combat" - thats what khorne is for
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Aside from shooting, combat rarely turns to chaos. Chosen upgrades, though attractive, are
inadviseable at this size, as Undecided said. They may be able to take on any single unit
in combat, but since you end up with so few models, you'd be lucky to face only one unit at
any one time. That said, you would do well to add another unit, either marauders or warriors,
with the points you're spending on chosen. And you might slip one or both champs down to
Aspiring, since no single non-lord model can beat those either.
Lord of Chaos Undecided said:
if you drop the chosen option then you will save yourself 120 points - enough to buy an aspiring champ as a BSB.
What would the bsb do? I already have the MoU which lets me reroll break tests. there would be no point to the bsb. I'd be wasting a hero choice and quite a few points.
have you read your rules properly!!!! :realmad:

well actually if you read the hordes of chaos book and then the rule book that it is ONLY re-roll failed PSYCHOLOGY tests NOT BREAK tests.

the mark allows you to re-roll the following:

- panic (which is awesome)
- fear (can never go wrong with this)
- terror (who wants to take on the giant?)
- stupidity (good if you have taken the helm of many eyes)

the BSB will allow you to re-roll break tests which in a small army will allow your troops to hang around longer - which will be needed cuz you may only have 3 or 4 units in 1000pts if your lucky

if you are still sceptical about this ask your local GW about it or ask in the forums section. pretty well any one who has already responded to this thread will back me up on this
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Im really sorry i yelled at you, its my fault(i checked the book and you are right). I don't know what made me think that it was break tests.

again, im sorry and i might use one next game.
The up for the BSB wouldn't be winning combat, but your guys will have better odds of sticking around when they lose.
save some points

you could probably save points using Archaons horde rules
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