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Well I have a City Fight game in late Feb that I might go to. I play Chaos but I have not played since the new codex. I would like to know what would be a good list to be competative. I will let you now what I have and maybe everybody could give me an idea.

Two flying Daemon prince'es
Terminator Lord
Regular Lord
Bike mounted Lord
Jet pack mounted Lord

Chosen including terminators (my weapons on terminators are not plasma combi weapons) I guess I could say there combi plasma's. Two manreapers
two dreads(one with heavy bolter the other with lascannon)

Two ten man squads
More troops if needed

Fast attack
8 Raptors with either 2 meltas or 1 flamer. AC has lightning claw and plasma pistol
7 Bike's two with plasma but can switch them to melta's AC has a power weapon

Predator (las Cannon turret and Heavy bolter sponsons)
Chaos havocs
2 Obliterators
1 Defiler maybe another if I finish it.

I have a Bloodthirster for a greater daemon and 8 man squad of bloodletters, ten man squad of Plaguebearers, and a twenty man squad of Furies that can be used as lesser deamons.

I have a squad of 8 guys that are modeled as Black Legion Khorne berserkers AC has what used to be a Axe of Khorne and plasma pistol. two troops have plasma pistol.

AC champions are modeled with combi meltas and power fists

Heavy weapon troops could be Autocannons, las cannons, Heavy bolters, and missle launchers.

I have two rhinos

So what do you think!
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