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Hey, I'm a relatively new player and am looking for some advice on what is to be my first army. Most of my friends are into the local tournament scene, and they're encouraging me to make a competitive list that doesn't use any cliche unit choices (uh, except lash but I won't be "bunching up units under a blast template" with it). I'm in the process of assembling most of it now, but I'd like some experienced input regarding its effectiveness. That said, here's my all comers, friendly & fun-to-play, yet competitive list:

Chaos Sorcerer - 155 pts
-MoS, LoS, Bike

5 Chaos Bikers - 255 pts
-2x Melta
-Champion /w Power Fist

6 Plague Marines - 167 pts
-2x Plasma

5 Noise Marines - 155 pts
-1 Blastmaster
-3 Sonic Blasters

Chaos Predator - 115 pts
-Default Autocannon
-Side Sponsors: Heavy Bolters
-Pintle: Havoc Launcher

Chaos Defilier - 150 pts
-2 extra CCWs

997/1000 pts

The basic plan for this army is to shoot things with long range attacks (Defilier, Predator, Blastmaster) while keeping some close range counter-attack units (Plague Marines, Defilier in CC) to handle deepstrikes and assaults. The flexibility of the Bikers and Sorcerer with Lash will help control choice units on the battlefield (push away assault, LOS anti-tank, etc), destroy enemy armor, or rush exposed HQs. As for movement, the vehicles will head towards the objective, followed by the infantry, while the bikers will turbo-boost to where they need to be.

The main opponents I'll be facing are rending-happy space marines and rending-happy tyranid assault hordes, so I'm a little worried that my low model count will be instantly rended and broken.

I used to run Icon of Nurgle on the bikers (and that was the original theme of the army), but I cut it due to it costing WAAAY too many points for a 1000 pt army and it not helping against rends. I'll probably bring the IoN back for a 1500 version, but I was debating between 4 bikers + IoN vs 5 bikers without, but decided that I needed more models and firepower.

Also, I have no champions on my troop squads, and think that they would probably help (especially a powerfist in the Nurgle Marines). However, that's more single models that cost points, points, points! I'm also concerned that the bike squad for 255 pts may not live up to its cost (should I move its powerfist to the Nurgle Marines?).

So what do you guys think? I'm aiming for it to be able to force a lot of complex tactical decisions and give me a lot of flexibility and variety as a commander.

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overall, it looks pretty good to me, only a few changes i would do....

-Make the plague marines 7 strong. for fluff purposes :)

-I'ld drop the noise marines for a squad of normal marines. blast masters are way to expensive, and for the same price as you have now, you could have a fully loaded squad of around 8 marines

otherwise this list looks good and very flexible
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