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Now what i am looking for is help with unit sizes and number of force deployments i brought, i could swap a Fex for more warriors or drop a Hive tyrant for more warriors. But i am really set on using Dev's and Sniper Fexs with Spinegaunts to make and hold charges. and the raveners to hit the CC unit that come my way.

2 Hive Tyrant's - 2 TL Dev's, ES, TS

1x3 Warriors - ES 2xDev's TS

6x8 SpineGaunts

3x1 Raveners

2x1 SniperFex's ES, VC, BS


This list focuses on sheer number of shots, this list i feel with deal as much death to a Terminator squad as to a unit of Orcs.

Well this list comes mostly what i have been watching on the forums for the past month, i have played a CC list a found that spending lots of points in to Speed leaves u wanting more when u run into a CC Army that does not have the same speed but seems to out preform u in combat. genestealers are great but when facing low armor saves they just cant hold there own(Orks)

I want to give cred to MVBrant and any others that have been posting up a storm on TL Dev's and SniperFexs, There are allot of supporters but he has been at the forefront of what i have seen on the forums
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