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Hi guys!

This is my first SM army after collecting Eldar and Tau for the last 5 years (never reaching more than 1000pts each though). However, i am hoping to expand my force for once!
I currently have a tactical squad with flamer and missile launcher, an assault squad with flamer and power claw, and a librarian made from spare parts (hoping to proxy him as Tigurius in casual games if need be). If the suggestions could include these that would be greatly appreciated!
I would like to use this 1000pts force as a start for perhaps a 1500pts army, although that will probably be my upper limit.

Tigurius - 165

Tactical Squad - 140

Tactical Squad - 85
Missile Launcher

Scout Squad - 80
Camo Cloaks
Missile Launcher

Dreadnought - 125
Missile Launcher
Twin-Linked Lascannon

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad - 115
Jump Packs
Power Claw
Veteran Sergeant

Land Speeder Storm - 55
Assault Cannon

Bike Squad - 93
2 Grav Guns

Heavy Support:
Devastator Squad - 140
2 Missile Launchers
2 Lascannons

This list comes in at 998 points.
The plan is for Tigurius to stroll around with the 10 man Tac Squad, the 5 man Tac Squad to sit on a home objective firing off the odd missile shot, the scouts ride around in the land speeder storm making full use of the open-topped vehicle (Cerberus Launcher, Assault Cannon and Missile Launcher from one vehicle?! Why not?), the assault squad to deep strike and take out the small squad of snipers / guardians that are taking pot shots, or just tie up a shooty unit in CC for a while, and for everyone else to just do their thing... (i have no idea what to do with them)

What do you think? I feel like the assault squad is a bit of a suicide unit, although i'm not that bothered tbh - death or glory right?
Before anyone replies suggesting drop podding sternguard with combi-meltas - i don't want to do that. I have no problem with anyone else doing it, it just feels like such a d*ck move for me!


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Your list and plans sound just fine. The Power Fist on the assault sergeant is a bit of a risk since it makes him attack on initiative 1. Get some melt a weapons on your tactical squads. The grav-bikes will be great. I like using assault squads with jump packs. Hit weak targets because you will smash them. Tigurius is a phenomenal HQ, but a cheap chaplain or Captain with a jump pack would also produce great results!
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