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1000pts 13th company

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hq 1 wolf lord 155
frost blade
bolt pistol
wolf tooth neclace
belt of russ
ret- 2 fenrisian wolves

hq 1 rune priest 130
frost blade
storm shield
chooser of the slain
wolf tooth necklace

troop 8 grey slayers 188
2 plasmaguns
6 bolters

troop 8 grey slayers 188
2 meltaguns
6 bolters

fast attack
9 fenrisian wolves 90

heavy support 203
4 long fangs
1 lascannon
3 missile launchers
1 pack leader
bolt pistol
cc weapon
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Here too I'd say try to squeeze in a second unit of Wolves. You'd only need to free up 50 pts to make it 2 units of 8 (counting the 2 with the WL in). Maybe drop a Long Fang and something like a WTN.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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