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1000pts Competitive List, built to face all-comers.​

I have yet to play a real game of wh40k, outside of a demonstration game or two at my local store, however I have been writing/considering lists for what seems like an eternity whilst slowly assembling(read painting :/) my army.

As such I have little "real world" experience of what works and what doesn't - my knowledge is only from reading forum threads on here, so any (harsh)critique is very welcomed.

I have a friend of mine who has recently started collecting and assembling an Imperial Guard army. So I now have a new incentive to redouble my efforts and achieve 1000pts of painted marines and I want to finalise my list before I spend more of my cash/time on models I wont end up using.

My plan is to build a competitive list to face all enemies not just my friends Imperial Guard.
Please be critical and don't hold back to be polite!

---- 1000pts Codex Marines (competitive)

1x Chaplin - [xxxpts]

10x Tactical, with RazorBack HB - [240pts]
- M/Launcher, Meltagun, P/Fist, RazorBack

10x Tactical, with Rhino - [235pts]
- M/Launcher, Meltagun, P/Fist, Rhino

.5x Tactical, with RazorBack HB - [130pts]
- Flamer, Razor Back

1x Dred, with Pod - [150pts]
- H/Flamer, Drop Pod

1x Land Speeder - [60pts]
- MultiMelta

1x Whirlwind - [xxpts]

---Total 1000pts---

The Plan:
The Chaplin is to ride with the 5man razor back squad, (but could perhaps also go in the Rhino, if I were to combat squad, leaving the heavy weapon behind)

I am aiming to get into close combat.. I think? Meltagun the tanks then charging with the power fist.

The LandSpeeder is a suicide deep-strike tank popper

I plan to drop the dreadnought in close range on an infantry squad after the whirlwind has had a go at weakening it, or drop to rear of tank if required.

I am unsure what I would do if I faced a similar list to myself, with most of my infantry mounted and my heavy bolters not firing if I move the full distance, I can't really shoot at transports?!

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Hey Markive, welcome back to the Forum.

Tactical squads cannot take special weapons unless you have a full 10 members in the squad, so the 5-man in the razorback cannot take a flamer, though they can take a weapon on their sergeant (see also:powerfist) this might be a good place for your chaplain.

The Landspeeder could really benefit from the addition of a heavy flamer, so that once vehicles have been finished off you could drop a template on troops as well, or vice versa. Lets you fall in and torch those pesky snipers (dread will also be great for said function).

I'd look into extra armor for the rhino/razorbacks, keep them moving!

As for enemy transport heavy lists, if you sit still for a round, your missile launchers can fire from rhinos/foot positions, and those long range S8 shots can really ruin a rhino-rush's day.

In the future, please do not post the points costs of a model unless you have upgraded them.

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Thanks Alzer,

Noted about the point cost, sorry.

Ah yes, no special weapon - Hmm this actually makes this small squad rather week, I need a digi on my HQ perhaps?

My intention was for the Chaplin is to ride with the RazorBack squad, I chose the Chaplin as he has a 'free' power weapon which I thought could be used to save points in place of a Powerfirst in one of my squads... not such a good plan then?.. I would be receptive to other HQ suggestions?

I expect the speeder to die first turn after deap strike, so I was reluctant to tool it up, however I could run with a H/Flamer instead, if you think I have too much anti-tank? I also considered a lone attack bike to save points, but thought this wouldn't survive long enough?

Also I was under the impression that extra armour on the transports wasn't really worth the points in 5th edition, is that not the case?

Hmm, good point with the sitting still for a round, I had only considered non-Heavy weapons firing from the Rhino hatches.. I would probably do well to let any Rhino Rush come to me and sit tight then...
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