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1000pts of dark elves

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Lvl 2 Sorceress (130) Darkstar cloak (20) seal of ghrond (25) -175 pts

Noble (70) cold one (26) Heavy armour (4) SDC (6) Shield (2) Lance (4) -110pts


20 spearmen (140) shields (20) full command (25) -185pts

10 warriors (70) crossbows (40) musician (5) shields -125pts

10 warriors (70) crossbows (40) musician (5) -115pts


5 cold one knights (145) full command (45) -190pts


Bolt thrower -100pts

wat do u think of this list
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I think that is a pretty solid list. You have a fair bit of magic (5 power dice?) so you may get a few spells off, and your magic defence is sufficient for 1000pts. Also, I like the fact that you have 2 units of Crossbow dudes to take out light units or fast cavalry, the spearmen to hold while the Cold Ones with the noble flank charge or take out other things, and finally you have your RBT shooting at whatever looks tough!
I like it, good job. You do however have no Dark Riders :cry: although I don't think they are really needed in this anyway...yeah, good list!
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