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My list was something like

Canonness power weapon + plasma pistol
with six celestines all in a Rhino with Smoke and Xtra armour

10 sister squads with Flamer and Heavy Flamer
VSS with Plasma, Book of St. Lucius and Power weapon. in Rhino with smoke + extra

10 sister squads with Flamer and Heavy Flamer
VSS with Plasma, Book of St. Lucius and Power weapon. in Rhino with smoke + extra

5 seraphs with 2 inferno pistols + a vet with power weapon and melta bombs.


His list was like this

wolf guard battle leader with twin lightning claws and runic armour.

Rune Priest with Plasma pistol, frost blade and runic armour.

10 Grey Hunters with Plasma gun and melta gun.

10 Blood Claws with 2 power weapons

10 Blood claws with 2 power weapons.

5 long fangs with HB, ML, Lascannon, Plasma cannon and sargent.

We deployed and i placed my rhinos infront of my exorcist and he put most of his troops in the woods.

Turn 1: Space Wolves
The Blood claw units and the Grey Hunters move up towards my side of the table and exit the trees. The Priest casts storm caller on every one while the long fangs shoot at the Rhino with the cannoness and Celestines in it! They blow it up but no one inside dies!

Turn 1: Witch Hunters
The two rhinos with the sisters in it drive foreward 12 and are right infront of one of the blood claw units (the one not containing the wolf guard battle leader) and the grey hunter squad (which had the priest attached to it). The Seraphs jump up 12" and land behind a hill out of LOS of everyone. My sisters jump out of the Rhinos and both squads use divine guidance to blast the blood claws killing 7! The exorcists shoots the grey hunters killing 3!

Turn 2: space wolves
The blood claws that got shot passed their leadership and the other squad with the WGBL run towards the sisters who bailed from the Rhino. The Grey Hunters rapid fire one of the sister squads killing two! and the long fangs and three blood claws shoot on the second sister squad killing 4! The Blood claws then charge and kill 3 sisters as I do that one that gives them invulnerable saves against those power weapons! The sister strike back and kill 2 blood claws! I pass morale and my sisters hang in there!

Turn 2: Witch Hunters
My seraphs jump up and land infront of the long fangs. My exorcist moves and aims at the second blood claw squad. My sister who weren't charged by the blood claws get back in their rhino and bail! My canonness and celes move up six. In shooting the exorcist shoots and kills only 2 of 10 man strong blood claws! Seraphs shoot the long fangs and charge killing 3 of them and losing 1 in the proccess. The 2 remaining sisters who were locked in CC with the 2 blood claws get chopped to pieces and shriek out and the blood claw eats their flesh.

Turn 3: Space wolves. Everyone moves up to charge my canoness squad but no one can make the charge so they all shoot her and kill 2 celestines! The remaining long fangs are killed by the seraphs :S

Turn 3: Witch Hunters.
The rhino drives back towards the wolves and the canonness squad move up six the seraphs move back 12. the Exorcist sits tight while the 8 sisters jump back out of their rhino.The canonness squad and sisters both divine guidance and kill all of the grey hunters and two blood claws due to tricky flamer template placing and exorcist. The turn ends with no assualts!

Turn 4: Space wolves
The blood claws with the wolf guard battle leader charge the Cannoness squad and kill everyone in it :O they then try and massacre move into the second sister squad but fail.

Turn 4: Sisters!
The sisters divine guidance and rapid fire the blood claw squad killing everyone but the wolf guard battle leader. The exorcist and seraphs all shoot at the battle leader but he survives.

Turn 5: Space Wolves!
The wolf guard battle leader charges my sister squad and I cast the invulnerable spell! He kills 3 and takes 1 wound in return! Both sides hold fast.

Turn 5: Witch Hunters!
The seraphs charge the wolf guard battle leader and i roll about 4 to wound rolls of a 4 but no fives to kill him! He slices all of the seraphs up and then isn't even scratched by the sisters!

Turn 6: Space Wolves!
The battle leader kills 3 sisters and isn't hurt in return. Thanks to leadership nine the sisters hold on!

Turn 6 Witch Hunters!
The wolf Guard battle leader kills 2 sisters and only the Veteran sister is left. She fails to hurt him because I roll no fives to wound! :O

Game ends and I had a rhino an exorcist and a Veteran sister.

Opponent had a wolf guard battle leader.

I won but that damn wolf guard chewed through like 200 points of sisters and he didn't even die! Power weapons on S3 models might not be all it's cracked up to be.

Official Lol Cannon
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Witch Hunter Deployment!

Space Wolf Deployment!

Grey Hunters in the trees! :O Woooooo

Blood claws being all wild and unruly!

Home made exorcist!

Sisters about to be eaten by blood claws!

My wonderfull 'to wound' rolls against the wolf Guard battle leader!

Last attack of turn six and my 'to wound' roll of 4 :p

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hey really enojed that. hey just a sugestion for your army comp plasma pistols and pwr wpn on sisters are never a good buy, instead give your cannones a blessed wpn and arm your seraphim with at least 1 inferno pistol and give the vet seraphim an evcisarator and lastly i would get my hands on at least 1 melta gun as hvy flamer / melta seems to be the optimal load out for bss. models look great by the way.
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