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1000pts Tallarns

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Ok here comes a Tallarn-list I made.

Doctrines: Iron Discipline
Light Infantry
Rough Rider squadrons
Special weapon squadrons


Command Platoon

Command Squad
Senior Officer w/ Bolter and Power wep.
Missile launcher, Plasma Gun.
Sharpshooters, Light Infantry, Iron Discipline.

Special Weapon squad
3 Meltaguns.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters.

Fire support squad
3 Heavy bolters.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters.


Infantry platoon

Command Squad
Junior officer w/ Bolter and power wep.
Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters, Iron Discipline.

Infantry Squad x 3
Missile launcher, Plasma Gun, vet. sarg.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters.
111pts each

Fast Attack:

Searchlight, pintle stubber.

Rough Riders
10 Riders, 1 vet. sarg.
Hunting lances.

Model count: 52 on foot, 10 riders and 1 tank.
Total: 975pts

I use infiltrate to place heavy weapons in good places. Will have no real problem against armour with 5 missile launchers and 5 plasma guns.
Spec. wpn squad hunts tank, fire supp. tackles infantry along with the Hellhound (I love that tank :yes: ).
I have 25pts left to spend? On what? Might drop the power wpns to gain another 10pts or I will add some vets. to the main command squad (medic!).
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you realize you only have 1 troop unit (you need atleast 2) so drop the heavy bolter team for another infantry squad and jo squad. Good luck
Yeah I noticed that... Gotta get used to the IG-'dex :wacko:.
And since I want doctrines on all troops then I will need to drop more then an heavy bolter-team.
I can drop the Hellhound and change it to an Chimera with one of the infantry squads as an armoured fist (they get an flamer, sharpshooters and something else).
Is this purely a fluff based list?

Anyway, I'd drop sharpshooters from the infantry squads, it's not cost effective there.
Triumph Of Man said:
Is this purely a fluff based list?
Yeah, kind of. Need Sentinels to be real fluffy :yes:
From what I have seen is that an infantry squad with sharpshooters kan be a real pain, I have faced that myself.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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