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Ok here comes a Tallarn-list I made.

Doctrines: Iron Discipline
Light Infantry
Rough Rider squadrons
Special weapon squadrons


Command Platoon

Command Squad
Senior Officer w/ Bolter and Power wep.
Missile launcher, Plasma Gun.
Sharpshooters, Light Infantry, Iron Discipline.

Special Weapon squad
3 Meltaguns.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters.

Fire support squad
3 Heavy bolters.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters.


Infantry platoon

Command Squad
Junior officer w/ Bolter and power wep.
Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters, Iron Discipline.

Infantry Squad x 3
Missile launcher, Plasma Gun, vet. sarg.
Light Infantry, Sharpshooters.
111pts each

Fast Attack:

Searchlight, pintle stubber.

Rough Riders
10 Riders, 1 vet. sarg.
Hunting lances.

Model count: 52 on foot, 10 riders and 1 tank.
Total: 975pts

I use infiltrate to place heavy weapons in good places. Will have no real problem against armour with 5 missile launchers and 5 plasma guns.
Spec. wpn squad hunts tank, fire supp. tackles infantry along with the Hellhound (I love that tank :yes: ).
I have 25pts left to spend? On what? Might drop the power wpns to gain another 10pts or I will add some vets. to the main command squad (medic!).

· Drills baby.
7,103 Posts
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Yeah I noticed that... Gotta get used to the IG-'dex :wacko:.
And since I want doctrines on all troops then I will need to drop more then an heavy bolter-team.
I can drop the Hellhound and change it to an Chimera with one of the infantry squads as an armoured fist (they get an flamer, sharpshooters and something else).
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