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Hi all !

I'm an IG player, though I'm considering starting Chaos because of Thousand Sons (I love their apperance, fluff, Ahriman etc.). I'm wondering if an 1000/1500 points force based on/including thousand sons can be a 'competetive & all conditions army'. I believe they can be very effective against armies like sm, chaos, necrons due to their bolters ap but is it possible to make good use of them against less tough, horde armies (IG, tyranids,orks). I worked out one list n presented it in armylists. Please comment it, if not a problem I need feedback.

Once again, can we rely on thousand sons all the time. They seem to be too expensive. Are they worth their cost? What kind of experience do you have ?

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The Thousand Sons do suffer from the flaw of being tailored against marines and marine-equivalent units. That being said, you can still easily turn out a competitive, all-comers list relying primarily on Thousand Sons and a selection of Tzeentch-appropriate units.

First, the basic T-Sons squad is good. They've got pretty good guns, they're mobile (i.e they can move and shoot), they're Fearless, they've got Invulnerable Saves, you can give the Aspiring Sorcerer a variety of pretty worthwhile psychic powers, and they kill other Space Marines dead.

Ultimately, though, they're pricy. Eight T-Sons and an Aspiring Champion is 244 points--and that's without buying a power for your Sorcerer. After purchasing Doom Bolt, Bolt of Change, or Warp Time (the three best picks for powers, really) you'll be at 259 or 269 points.

Let's say you give him Doom Bolt (the cheapest option, and the one that leaves him with the same types of shots as his squad) leaving the squad at 259 points. We can look at further upgrades later.

Now, you might want a Rhino. They're good, certainly. On the other hand, Thousand Sons don't really need them. They don't lose shots while they're walking, so they can just walk anywhere. They move every turn, and you really end up getting places about as well as you could reliable manage with a Rhino. If you're into Rhinos, go ahead and pick some up--they are worthwhile--but let's not worry about them for the moment.

Also, as a note, I chose to use nine-man squads for this list because that's what you get in the T-Sons box. It's also the most appropriate. It's also, really, no worse than any other number, and better than several. So, for now, we'll stick with nine guys (eight and a sorcerer) per squad.

You'll want about one of these squads per 500 points (and the army really just doesn't work well at all below 1000--let's not worry about that for now). So, you'll have two (518 points) in your 1000 point army and three (777 points) in your 1500 point list.

Now, you'll also need an HQ. There are three choices, but, honestly, try a Daemon Prince. They're just really good. My advice is to pick up the big, metal Lord of Change model and use that--it looks just like a Tzeentch Daemon Prince with Wings is supposed to look.

Now, obviously, you equip him with a Mark of Tzeentch, and no Daemon Prince should leave home without Wings. This takes you up to 150 points. Now, you can buy two psychic powers--and you might as well. I suggest Warp Time and Winds of Chaos. That takes you to 205 points.

So, with two squads and a Daemon Prince, you're at 723 or 982 points, leaving you with 277 or 518 to spend. And what do you need next? That's right, anti-tank. Luckily, Chaos has Obliterators, which make for the perfect anti-tank squad in a Tzeentch army. They keep up perfectly with your guys, they don't stand out, and they have big guns. And they're fairly tough, and fearless (etc.) All in all, a good pick, and one that fits well with the rest of the army.

Toss two into your 1000 point list, taking it to 873 points, and go ahead and throw four into your 1500 point list, taking it to 1282.

Now, what do still need? Anti-horde. That's right. Your squads are dedicated anti-infantry, but you've only got two, and that's not gonna thin down that swarm of 'nids, now is it? There, Daemons will come to your rescue. Lesser Daemons are a great anti-horde option. They're fearless, numerous, and have multiple attacks. The armies that really outnumber you are all armies which Daemons will beat (or at least perform well against) in close combat.

Now, you'll have to have some Icons (nothing we've bought so far comes with them) so let's hand out an icon to each squad Sorcerer (the Daemon Prince can't get one). That takes you to 883 points and 1292 points, leaving 117 and 208 points. That buys you nine daemons (exactly!) and 16 daemons (exactly again!)

As an added benifit, you can teleport your Obliterators in with your personal icons, as well.

So, in total:

Daemon Prince (Wind of Chaos, Warp Time, Wings, Mark of Tzeentch) - 205

Thousand Sons (eight and a Sorcerer with Doom Bolt and Personal Icon) - 264

Thousand Sons (eight and a Sorcerer with Doom Bolt and Personal Icon) - 264

Obliterators (two) - 150 (play these in individual squads of one)

Lesser Daemons (nine) - 117

1000 points (plus)

Thousand Sons (eight and a Sorcerer with Doom Bolt) - 259

Obliterators (two, play two squads of one and a squad of two) - 150

Lesser Daemons (seven more, play as two squads of eight) - 91

500 points (1500 total)

You can also drop Winds of Chaos for Bolt of Change. It gets you a little more anti-tank and five points which can buy another Icon on your last Sorcerer.

So, in conclusion: yes. It is possible to create a Thousand Sons list which is both good and cool. At either 1000 or 1500 points.

Good luck! :)
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Thank You for your help. N what do you think about this list (it is my first).

Deamon Prince: wings, mark of tzeentch, warptime [175]

5 Thousand Sons: Bolt of change, Rhino [207]

5 Noise Marines: 3 sonic blaster, blastmaster [155]

9 Raptors: Aspiring Champion (pair of lightning claws), 2 melta gun, mark of slaanesh [240]

1 Obliterator [75]

1 Obliterator [75]

1 Obliterator [75]

TOTAL: 1002

For the purposes of bigger batlles I plan to add 5 terminators & chosens and to change noise marines squad for the second (identical as first) thousand sons squad.
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