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[1100] Crimson Fists starter army

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Hi all, I have posted here before but made a shocking army! I have reveiwed the tactica and would apreciate it if you could anylise my new list and make comments.

I am normaly a guard player, and I am starting to collect Marines as my secondary army.
This is a Crimson fists list. 1100pts is an odd number, so I would apreciate any advice on making it 100pts leaner or what units would be effective for padding it out to 12 or 1500.



Terminator Armour, 2x Lightning Claws
Terminator Command Squad
3x Terminators; 2x Assault Cannons, 2x Chainfist
Sergeant; Power Weapon, Storm Bolter
Drop Pod


Terminator Squad
4x Terminator; 2x Assault Cannons, 2x Chainfist
Sergeant; Power Weapon, Storm Bolter
Drop Pod


Tactical Squad #1
7x Space Marines; 1x Lascannon, 1x Plasmagun
1x Sergeant; Bolt Pistol, CCW

Tactical Squad #2
7x Space Marines; 1x Lascannon, 1x Plasmagun
1x Sergeant; Bolt Pistol, CCW

Heavy Support

Devistator Squad
7x Space Marines; 4x Heavy Bolter
1x Sergeant; Bolt pistol, CCW

I would apreciate any suggestions/criticisms of my choice of units, how they work or don't work with each other and any suggestions people have to offer.

The general idea is for the tactical squads to sit back and provide anti-tank where the redudnancy is greatest, and the devistator squad will handle most basic troops, meanwhile the Terminators come in by drop pod and try to get into close combat.

Thanks for comments in advance
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I got some comments and advice.

HQ: You only need one chainfist per terminator squad, for it's effectiveness. Also, go for a reclusiarch or codicier. They are better on there own, the captain is just bad for it's points. A pair of lightning claws means losing 1 stormbolter=2 shots. With your amount of units, shots are a very important thing to reconsider.
Elite: 1 terminator squad is already hard within a 1100 point battle (weird amount of points btw), 2 is overkill and offers the opponent to massive focus fire on your precious terminators (nearly always outnumbering your army)
Troops: They are good on there own, if you need the points, make them 6 men instead of 8 men and give the sergeant a bolter (my advice, use 2 squads of 6 men lc/pg and 1 squad of 8 men containing 1 serg with th/bp/pf and 1 mg)
HS: Your heavy weaponary are only the 2 lc's. It's nearly sure, you can't stop armour at long range. Devastator squads are very expensive in 1000-1500 point games. I recommend you to take a hellfire venerable extra armour dreadnought over a devastator squad. Also, 4 heavy bolters are good against infantry, but I rather see a devastator squad with ml's, better and more dangerous at 48". The sergeant, no bp/ccw but a bolter.

About the droppods, dropping then within enemy territory is a bold choice. Loosing your terminators gives you certainly a lose.
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Hi S_Q, thanks for the comments, I know 1100 is silly, and I don't intend to field that number - but I had trouble getting everything I wanted for 1000 (probibly because of all the Terminators!).

I really ran with your idea of the Hellfire Dread. So I have ditched the devestaor squad in favour of him and I have also added the Reclusiarch and lost the Terminator command squad as you advised.

The one thing I wasn't sure about is slogging the Terminators. I agree that 2 squads in drop pods wasn't a good idea, but I think that just a single 5-man squad will die if it tries to slog. Would you recomend upping the squad size?
hello and no problem :)

You have 2 choices with the terminators:

-keep the terminator command squad and make it 5 men strong + reclusiarch = 6 men (always even numbers, IMO)
-keep the elite terminators and ditch the command terminators so your reclusiarch will be an IC.

If I where you I would choose an epistolary (librarian) in terminator armour with veil of time.
(my conversion of an epistolary in terminator armour will be online at the gallery soon ;))
Why? Because the librarian adds a bigger punch then the reclusiarch. A forceweapon and rerolls for himself + anti psychic. The reclusiarch only adds fearless and rerolls to hit for the whole squad, up to your decision. The epistolary in terminator armour only works well if companied by a terminator command squad, IMO.

About the droppods:

I don't like fitting terminators in droppods, why? Because they will be surrounded by a massive opponent, maybe power weapon armed or very very very outnumbered. A possibility to get them right in position is using a 10 men bp/ccw + serg th/bp/pf/teleport homer scout squad. The ccb scout squad + teleported terminators will devastate a flank. The scouts will just infiltrate and place the homer.

The only things I fit in droppods are: power armoured squads or a dreadnought dccw/ac.

Hopefully this will help you out ;)
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