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[1200]Necrons Rematch

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Ok turns out I found someone at my school who also played 40k and was excited.
As soon as I could I arranged a battle for 1200pts necrons vs Dark Eldar. Considering
I had never seen his army or new his skill level I fielded in a bit different way than usual.

Unfortunately I lost and now owe him a necron head(he collects defeated army heads).
The mission was Take and Hold(an ork belly dancer:wacko: ) and there was victory
pts(even though we didnt pay much, if any attention to them).Saturday is comming up
and I dont want to lose again so here I am for advice.

My List

Necron Lord: Destroyer Body, Resurrection Orb, Gaze of Flame, Disruption Field and SoL.
5 Pariahs
30 Warriors
6 Scarabs
4 Destroyers

His List

Archons:Shadow Field, Combat Drugs(lots) and Some Power Weapon
x3 20 Warriors:2 Splinter Cannons, Blaster and Shredder
Raider Squad:Raider, 10 Warriors with Splinter Cannon and Blaster
Raider Squad:Raider, 10 Warriors with Splinter Cannon and Shredder
Raiders Night Shields and Scaling nets I think
10 Warriors with 2 Dark Lances

Blaster Short Ranged high strength weapon AP 2
Shredder Short Ranged medium strength weapon AP 3

Fortunately for him the board was preset and apparently there was a
rather large amount of terrain that lead to the opjective, including a long trench.
The battle ended close with my scarabs tying combat and destroying the shadow
Field of the Archon, my lord emliminating a squad and a full downed squad
(WBB saves allowed but game ended) and one Dark eldar squad which had
downed them. Both were in objective range. All warriors were also within Orb Ranged.
Any tactic you guys could give me/army lists you think will do
P.S. this is all he has.
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Things I would drop:

Destory Body, Distrution Field
2 Scarabs
5 Warriors

Things I would add:
3 Wraiths
6 Immortals

The lord really had no where to go with the destroyer body and was better off on foot with your warriors. The pariahs are good but immortals will be just good against eldar and you get another model to shoot with.

The extra destroyer gives you another 3 shot s6 weapon and helps prevent your destroyers from being shot out in one turnand. Im partial to wraiths and they are murder against eldar.

With the changes ive suggested the list is 1199pts with a PO of 10 and you will have a good firebase (warriors and immortals) to work from, a mobile fire platform (destroyers) and a cc unit (wraiths) to help win combats against those damnable pointy ears...good luck
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For 1200 points I would take a list along these lines:-

Lord- warscythe, phase shifter, res. orb, phlacetery

3x 10 strong warriors squads

5 scarabs

4 destroyers
4 destroyers

That should come to 1195 points.

Its a nice fast list with a solid core of warriors.

Hope this helps.

[edit] the typo's been corrected Oric!
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The_Outsider said:
For 1200 points I would take a list along these lines:-

That should come to 1595 points.
It comes to 1195pts i had to think about it a sec and check numbers and realised you made a typo...was gonna poke fun at you for suggesting a 1600pts list when he was looking for a 1200
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