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Well I'm entering my first tourney and here it is, I'll see how this list does, it's more of a fun list I guess.

White Consuls - 1249 pts

HQ - 332 pts

Master Ballak - 111 pts
- combi-plasma, p.sword, auspex, infiltrate ability, frags

Command Squad Panzer (7) - 221 pts
- sergeant Ulis with bolter
- Apothecary Malhas with bolter
- 2 marines with lascannons
- 3 marines with bolters
- infiltrate ability

Ellites - 170 pts

Drednaught Thanos - 170 pts
- t.l. lascannon, missile launcher, venerable, tank hunter, extra armour

Troops - 582 pts

Tactical Squad I (6) - 105 pts
- sergeant Adaeous with bolter
- marine with HB
- marine with plasma gun
- 3 marines with bolters

Tactical Squad II ( 8 ) - 170 pts
- veteran sergeant Bane with PP & p.fist
- marine with meltagun
- 6 marines with bolters
- frag grenades

Scout Squad IV ( 8 ) - 139 pts
- sergeant Xavier with sniper rifle
- marine with missile launcher
- 4 marines with sniper rifles
- 2 marines with bolters

Scout Squad X (10) - 168 pts
- veteran sergeant Prothis with BP & p.axe
- scout with HB
- 5 scouts with BP & CCW
- 3 scouts with shotguns
- frag grenades

Fast Attack - 165 pts

Assault Squad I ( 8 ) - 165 pts
- veteran sergeant Cursious with PP & p.sword
- 2 marines with PP & CCW
- 5 marines with BP & CCW
- remove jump packs
- frag grenades

Yup, I have some painting to do, the tourney is in 3 weeks. Thanks for any input, I'm pretty set on this list but if there are any little changes I'll consider them.

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It seems like a good list except for: I would not take a meltagun in a tactical squad that is foot slogging. Also take away the lasscannons from the command squad and put it into the tactical squad. Other than that nice work. Post up some pics of the painted squads to.

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Ya, meltagun footsloggers are in dire need of a drop pod, but I have no time to make one in 3 weeks so I'm just going to try em out and see what happens. Was thinking about using them as veterans and infiltrating them but...I have enough infiltrators and if the scenario doesn't allow infiltration I'm wasting points. These guys will be leading the charge with the assault squad while the CC scouts will be deployed ahead on the same flank letting off some HB rounds while they wait.

I like the lascannons in the command squad, something different. The snipers will be 7" infront of them to dish out some fire on advancing infintry. The smaller tactical will lend a hand to the command squad as well with the HB and since they are not a juicy target I'm not too worried about them.

The dred will be a dred and let off some rounds from afar, more of a distraction than anything, maybe I'll get lucky and pop a tank or something.

As for pictures...I'll post some soon, out of all the units below only 3 are 100% done, I have to paint up one shotgun scout and the HB marine for the tactical squad and that's 2 more. The brunt of my work is going to be the command squad and like 4 snipers. But that won't be so bad. Deadlines are fun!!!
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