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Edit: Cut the Gleaming Pendant for a Warbanner.

I'm having a little trouble figuring out what to cut, but two possibilities were to take away the SW champion or to switch the Gleaming Pendant of Chotec for something. Also, I have never played against Warriors of Chaos nor thoroughly read their army book, so any tactics they commonly use and possible counters would be very much appreciated. For example, will I need to worry about a scroll caddy against them?

My plan was to use the Chameleon Skinks march block, the Kroxigors with screen and salamanders come up on the flanks, and the SW hold the middle. Pretty typical I suppose. :qq:

Scar-Vet (General): 193
-Great Weapon, Light Armor, Shield
-Old Ones, Quetzl
-Aura of Quetzl, Charm of the Jaguar

Scar-Vet (Battle Standard Bearer): 160
-Light Armor, Cold One, Warbanner
-Quetzl, Itzl

Skink Priest: 90
-Dispel Scroll

10x Skink Skirmishers: 60
-Javelins & Shields

10x Skink Skirmishers: 60
-Javelins & Shields

15x Saurus Warriors: 228
-Quetzl, Full Command

4x Kroxigors: 232

5x Chameleon Skinks: 75

2x Salamanders: 130

Total: 1248 points

115 Posts
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Well, after playing my opponent and getting royally whooped, it turns out his list was illegal by having only one core, being 5 points over, and having a Dogs of War unit. So, we're going to be playing again on Saturday. I've come up with a revised list with the information I learned about Warriors of Chaos. Since I don't think Saurus Warriors can cut it against his troops, I've decided to cut them and add an extra salamander as well as a lot more skinks. Any opinions on either list against WoC would be much appreciated, so thanks in advance.

If his last list is any indicator, he'll have a nurgle sorcerer with power familiar and the book of secrets, tooled up unit of warriors with exalted champion, a ton of knights, and he'll need to get another core choice which I'm guessing will be marauders or marauder horsemen depending on how he wants to use the extra points from cutting leadbelchers.

-Quetzl, Tepok
-Great Weapon, Shield, Light Armor
-Glyph Necklace, Charm of the Jaguar Warrior

Skink Chieftain:
-Sotek, Extra Hand Weapon, Javelin, Light Armor
-Enchanted Shield, Cloak of Feathers

Skink Priest:
-level 2, Old Ones
-Dispel Scroll x2

10x Skinks:
-Javelin & Shields, Scouts

12x Skinks:
-Javelins & Shields, Scouts

13x Skinks:
-Blowpipes, Scouts

5x Chameleon Skinks

4x Kroxigors

3x Salamanders
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