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(1250) Haven't thought of a title for these dudes yet..

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Ive been experimenting a little bit and from what i understand its F'ing nice to have toughness 4 again! Anyways, heres what I want, a little on the fluffy side, and I would appreciate any feedback geared towards building it up, as long as theres some mutual consent to leave the typhoons alone. I've playtested em, I know they are garbage, but the whole theme here is anti-cheese yet still playable. :D haha I must be crazy. Here goes!

MEN! Trust your battle brothers, for We stand ALONE!!!

Master - 166pts.
Lightning claws, Frag Grenades, Jump Pack, Terminator Honours, Iron Halo
(possibly deploying solo, depends on the terrain/opposition. If not, he will just sit pretty with one of the assault-themed tac squads or behind the dread)

Terminator Squad - 250pts. (250 seems to be the sweetspot for termies)
Sarge w/ Stormbolter + Power Weapon
2 w/ Stormbolter + Power Fist
2 w/ Stormbolter + Power Fist + Cyclone Missile Launcher
(wont be deepstriking. why waste time with 48"?)

Dreadnought - 160pts.
Venerable, Missile Launcher, Twin-linked Lascannon (only one in army YAY), Extra Armour

3 Land Speeder Typhoons (separate FOC slots) - 210pts.
(honestly, i'd pay 50pts for a fast skimmer heavy bolter anyways)

2 5-Man Tactical Squads - 264pts.
Squad has Trust your Battle Brother
Sarge w/ Power Fist, Bolter, Auspex, Terminator Honours
1 w/ Plasmagun
3 w/ Bolter + CCW

2 5-Man Tactical Squads - 200pts.
Squad has Trust your Battle Brother
Sarge w/ Bolter + CCW
1 w/ Missile Launcher
3 w/ Bolter + CCW

As far as i can acertain, true grit/counter-attack + "and they shall know no fear..." is basically a really good set-up for a shooty SM army. The only problem is I want to EARN my victories, none of this namby-pamby lascannon/assault cannon BS. The only beasts worth carrying such awesome weaponry will be my dreadnoughts (I want a second with CCW + heavy flamer + Assault Cannon) because those dudes are trapped for eternity in a sarcophagus they might as well have some fun. Thanks in advance for any comments!
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why not capitalise your commanders ability and replace the termies with assault marines? even with 5 of them, you probably have room left for a tactical squad with a missile launcher or a devastator squad with 2 of them?
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I could drop the 250pts. Terminators (see: *frown*) but if I do, with that extra pointage, I can field 5 Assault Marines, Sarge with TH and Power Weapon, as well as my second Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer and Assault Cannon. Seeings how it comes down to the exact same point cost, I might as well get both! hahahaha! Thanks for the heads up.
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