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This is my second attempt at a high elf list. So here it goes.

Mage, 140
- annulian crystal

Noble, 168 ( 2+ as, 5+ ws)
- bsb, gw, guardian Phoenix, armour of Caledor

20x spearmen, 215
- sb, m, warbanner
10x archers, 115
- m
15x Phoenix guards, 280
- full, ruby ring of destruction
6x swordmasters, 96
- m
Tiranoc chariot
Great eagle (Total for these 3 = 235)

TOTAL: 1249

The plan is to keep the bsb in the Sp neer where the center of combat Will be. With a static combat rez of 3 and hopefully steadfast they shoud do good. Phg will anchor heavy stuf and Sm and chariot will flank. Archers clear screens and babysit the rbt.
Eagle will hunt warmachines and redirect charges. Thats about is, ooh THE mage Will take high magic or life, thus defencive.

Do u guys have any tips on how i could make this list better? I'm looking to do some competitions with this list so it should have to be able to go against any other army. So tear the list apart guys, i don't get to play that often and am reduced to theoriehammer for the most part.

Thanks and enjoy. Terondrius.
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