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[1250] Space Marine Jungle Fighters

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Traits :
+ See but don’t be Seen
+ Take the fight to them
- Flesh Over Steel
- Faithful unto Death

HQ (161)

- Master
---Master Crafted Lightning Claw
---Bolt Pistol
---Jump Pack
---Terminator Honors

Elites (133)

- Venerable Dreadnought
---Assaut Cannon
---Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon
---Heavy Flamer
---Furious Charge
---Extra Armor
---Smoke Launchers

Troops (495)

- Scout Squad 1
---7 Scouts
-----Sniper Rifles

- Scout Squad 2
---7 Scouts
-----Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons

- Tactical Squad 1
---7 Space Marines
---6 with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
---1 With Flamer
---Frag Grenades

- Tactical Squad 2
---7 Space Marines
---6 with Bolt Pistols and Close Combat Weapons
---1 With Flamer
---Frag Grenades

Fast Attack (135)

- Scout Bike Squadron 1
---5 Scout Bikers

- Scout Bike Squadron 2
---5 Scout Bikers

Heavy Support (187)

- Devastators
---5 Devastators
---4 Missile Launchers
---Veteran Sargeant

Army Total:1246

Models : 45
-1 Dreadnought
-20 Power Armor equiped Marines
-14 Scouts
-10 Bikes

Read my sig before responding thanks.

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Come on people, you've read it, but haven't responded!

I thought you guys would have liked to bash my list which for some reason doesen't include and Chaplains, Assault Squads, 6 man Tac. Squads with Las/Plas combo or any of the usual things.

I think it can be quite effective, With most elements Infiltrating for getting scout moves except for the HQ and Dread, which have a special use. The main thing I want to do is get in CC, then the HQ and Dread come up from behind to lend support. In a perfect world of course, plus, if it looks like Infiltrating right up close won't work, I'll improvise.

Come on People! Wheres the support that all the other lists get?

I like it, all I would do is give the master twin lightning claws and an iron halo for that extra punch and survivability.
Yeah, the 2 or 1 Lightning claw debate I still haven't decided for sure, I don't plan to buy him a Iron Halo as I plan to keep him out of being shot at by keeping him near the Dread, he's not meant ot be an unstopable monster.

If a marine falls in the forest....

I have to admit, I like it also. The only suggestion I would have would be more Fluffy, and that is take Death before dishonor. My thinking is that Drop pods would be a handy way to deliver your marines if you cant use Infiltration for the mission. But that is just my opinion. So, is this a Raptor list, or your own? What is the fluff for the force?
There isn't much behind it yet fluff wise, I just made it in 15 minutes. To use DropPods which I'll probly never use I'd have to reorganise the army anyways. All the more reason to not use them, plus if they have droppods they can't have the option to infiltrate.

This is more for fun than anything else, plus I plan to do cool stealthy poses and paint jobs.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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