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hey, i have taken a breif hiatus but im back to the forum and i now have about 1000pts of sm and 1000pts of tau, my new tau list looks like this and I wanted some opinions. Remember this is mainly geared towards marine killing but it is also going to be facing alot of other armies but space marines are its main focus. All of my tactical squads have infiltrate so i will have space marines breathing down my neck much faster than I would like but im hoping this list can stop them before they do to much damage:

Shas'el 83
-Plasma Rifle
-Missile Pod

I went with the el mainly to conserve points, he will support the middle or will deep strike and go commander hunting

Shas’el 83
-Plasma Rifle
-Missile Pod

The same as the one above just minus the commander hunting

Crisis team Alpha x2 151
-TL plasma rifle
-Missle pods
-(only the team leader) hardwired MT

They are basically marine killers and they will hunt down any tactical squads that are threatening my fw's

Crisis team Beta 79
-team leader and vre
-TL fusion blaster
-Plasma rifle

This is my tank hunter or backup commander killer, after his primary role is filled he can turn and kill some space marines with the plasma rifle

Stealth Team Alpha x6 180

altho these guys arent great against marines they are great at claiming objectives and laying down some good fire support/ attracting fire

FW squad Alpha x10 100

FW squad Beta x10 100

These squads will take opposite flanks and basically hold them

FW squad Gamma x9 90

This squad will hold the middle and provide support to either flank

Kroot squad x10 105
-shaper- pulse rifle

These guys find some woods and hide in them until they get a good shot or can charge!

Fast Attack:

Gun drone squad Alpha x6 72

They will pin assault squads etc. and finish of soft targets

Heavy Support:

Hammer Head Alpha 180
-Disruption pod
-Decoy launchers

Basically destroy the one tank in my sm army (razorback) then drop a lot of sub munitions into tac marines or rail gun termies etc.

that’s it 1118pts. I have 132 points left so--- to expand this to 1250 points I will add one of the following:

I will add a devilfish to squad alpha bring it up to full strength and take away a fw or two from beta and gamma

I will add a broadside or possibly two out that will take heavy armor letting my hammerhead submunition tac squads without too much pressure

I will add a sniper squad or two which apparently are very good at marine killing

I may add some Vespids for more marine killing but they may cost to many points (please tell me if they do)

I think i might go with a totally new option and add a skyray, this will demolish my terminators with seeker missles then will proceed to "light things up" with two markerlights! also this will fill the points perfectly!

I would really appreciate any thoughts you have to improve my tactics or my list!


(edited) i made some of the changes that were proposed so heres version 1.2

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well since im new to tau the only comment I can fairly make is that your crisis suits are illegal since your using 4 hardpoints as twin linking takes up a hardpoint aswell and youve only got one weapon two weapons that can penetrate av14 though this i guess will not be any problem sincew youve got plenty of crisis.

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1. Like Blood said, your Crisis are illegal, gotta fix'em.

2. If your gonna have a drone squad its gotta be bigger. Remember when drones drop to 4 or less their leadership drops to 4 as well. Right now that squad is gonna take a round of shooting and run off the board.

3. A full sized and mounted FW unit would be an excellent objective taking unit, couldn't hurt to have one of those.

4. Don't use 5 man stealth, use either 6 or 3 man squads. Has to do with casualties and avoiding incoming fire.

5. Squeezing an extra hammerhead in rather than a broadside might be good, although the squeemish and prissy will cry cheese.

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the TL rule is right, except that if he hard wires the extra stuff in, then it becomes legal. I could be wrong, i just started getting back into the Tau. Pretty sound army though
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