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Originally posted by inthefaceofwar@Oct 1 2003, 12:06
ok... first of all... why the heck have they updated army builder with every EoT army EXCEPT 13th comp? sooo lame...

anyways, i recently bought the space wolves box kit and swapped the rhino for a box of wulfen then threw in a few extra marines i had.

so i had some questions... ive already constructed my guys and this is what i have... i want to make sure its all legal (i dont have a codex yet, and there is nothing online).

im also wondering about how many points i have? i know in reg space wolves i can get up to almost 1000, and i know the 13th comp is hight points stuff.

2 squads of grey slayers-
both with 5 marines and a battle leader.
both have 2 marines meltaguns.

2 squads of blood claws-
6 in each
as many power weapons as possible (its either 2 or 4), no plasma pistols

1 squad of 5 wulfen
(i do intend on getting many more)

1 squad of 3 bikers
i was wondering if they could take meltabombs?
they can have 2 power weapons, right?

i still need my wolf lord... i would currently just use WG battle leaders as wolf lord or whatever HQ was needed.
then i definitely intend on a wolf priest asap.

also suggestions would be nice.
the 2 sqds of Grey slayers are 216 pts each but you need to give the wulf Guard weapons so....

Blood Claws are not allowed in a 13th comp. army

5 wulfen are 120 pts

bikers are without upgrades are 108 pts.
Sorry can not upgrade them with Meltabombs they have, on the other hand, allready krak and frags.

A Wolf lord is a MUST! and a wolf priest? well i would take a rune priest cause the gate rocks!!

Hoped to be of help

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