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13th company

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I have a 1500 point 13th company army and have had reasonable success with it, this got me thinking, what are your experiences playing as/against the army?

I don't know anyone else who uses the force and was curious to how popular it is, is it a rarely seen force or does it have a reasonable following?

Thoughts? comments?
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In my area there is only one 13th Company player, and he rarely pops in and out!
I would definatly like to battle them, see what they are all about. I remember facing them around 2 or 3 years ago, in 3rd ed., I believe. They were an army quite capable of holding ground, nice CC units, and they advanced quite steadly as well!

Man, what I would do to square off with them again!

They are pretty nasty, in non standard scenarios they get some major advantages. I played patrol against a necron player a few days ago (who didn't bring a monolith or c'tan) and my wulfen and grey slayers raped his army.

They can make BT look like wimps in assault, the 13th company dish out so many attacks its unreal.
I only know one 13th company player, as well. He and I teamed up in one game. Unfortunately, we were up against nids. His force did reasonably well, but hey, he was charging nids. He managed at least to take enough of them down that I was able to kill off the remnants fairly easily.
Storm Claws will kill almost anything, lol. I love them. They could potentially take 3 Powerfists in a single unit, lol. The Wulfen are insane with a huge S, I and A... Oooh... And lets not forget the Gate.:p

Oh that note, does anyone know if it's possible to charge after using the Gate? I loaned my Eye of Terror Dex to someone at my club, and I've heard that you can. If someone could confirm, I'd be really happy.:)
I don't think so as it is pretty much deep strike (well it says it uses DS rules) so I would say no. If you use the gate it actually works better with grey slayers than stormclaws as they are more defensive.

Hope this helps firedrake28
Ahhh thank God.;) If you could assault... Eww... lol.

Yeah, without the ability to charge, Grey Slayers are far better. I agree.

Thanks, and sorry for gong a little off topic.:|
No worries, helping is what I do best :)
Actually, i've used the priest used to gate Long Fangs between tanks and then take them out. This can also be effective. I retired my 13th now but I've got at least 2500 oints of them sitting in a case. I really enjoyed playing them for awhile as a break from other armies ( notably my DW ) and now I want to play my Nids and Orks more. Stay tuned for some pics of a Grot Warbuggy Speed Freak army coming your way as soon as it is completed - no ork troops at all!
That is an effective tactic but really only works when they are all armed with meltas and plasma, with heavy weapons they probably won't live to fire them.

Its all about the short range with the 13th company I find, you either go for mass assault (which is the only real option) or try and include at least two long range long fangs squads which can provide you with much needed firepower.
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