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I've played a lot, but never 13th Coy. This is my first army list attempt.

My idea is to keep everyone moving, thus no heavy weapons.

So please don't tell me to give the Long Fangs Lascannons.

Here goes:


Wolf Lord, Bike, Belt of Russ, 1 Lightning Claw, with Storm Claws Biker Retinue (3) and 1 Wolf Guard Biker with 1 Lightning Claw ( 324 )

Wolf Priest, bolt pistol, power weapon, wolf pelt ( 98 )

Rune Priest, bolt pistol, rune weapon ( 121 )


Wolfen Pack 10 ( 240 )


3 x Grey Slayers (6) Bolter, Close Combat Weapons 3*( 126 )

Fast Attack:

Fenrisan Wolf Pack (5) ( 50 )

Heavy Support:

Long Fang Pack (5) 4 Flamers, bolt pistol & close combat weapon ( 148 )

Long Fang Pack (5) 4 Meltaguns, bolt pistol & close combat weapon ( 168 )

Long Fang Pack (5) 4 Plasmaguns, bolt pistol & close combat weapon ( 168 )

Total : 1695 / 1700

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me for this list.


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The long fangs flamers are going to be useless. Give them plasma or meltas. Or better yet keep tehm the only squad not charging forward and give them MLs. I know you dont want heavy weapons but the list has NO weapon with a range longer than 24". Im assuming the grey slayers are in squads of 9, maybe you want to make them either cc or ranged. I believe you can give them special weapons, or PFs, or PWs. I would do so. Other than needing more firepower, I think it will do okay. As long as you dont play tau, necrons, or guard. Against them you will die to massive amounts of firepower. The bikes will do okay(ithink, but i dont have much experience with them).

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I advise you to drop the flamer long fangs in favor of other units.
With that, I would drop the Meltagun Long Fangs.
Because you can take two special weapons in Grey Slayers packs, which is, cheaper, and you have more models so you can take losses. Also get these units Powerfists ^_^
I would get some long-range power, but the Plasmagun Long Fangs are quite nice, run them up behind your Grey Slayer packs and rapid fire units ^_^ Always concentrate fire, not split with this unit, and fire like, well, hell ^_^
You might only drop the Flamer Unit, pay for upgrades and the like, and change the metla-unit into a plasma unit.

My two coins,

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As said you have way too many long fangs with that set up. My favouritew combo is 2 missile launchers and 2 heavy bolters- that comes to about 180 points.

The grey slayer squads really do need to be 10 strong, they get easily killed other wise.

Give the Rune priest terminator armour as the save will be valuable for him than the free move (because he can gate around).

So basically make the long fangs long range shooty and up the grey slayer squads.

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I agree with the "too many Long Fangs" sentiment.

I like the idea of 1 or 2 full Long Fang units with nothing but Plasma Guns. Use the Rune Priest to Gate the 1st around and use the 2nd to follow behind a screen of Fen Wolves and Grey Slayers. Sure, your opponent can make Target Priority rolls but with the Fen Wolves and Grey Slayers in their face I'm sure the Long Fangs will be ignored.

I don't see the benefit of only 5 Fen Wolves. They are fast with the Fleet rule but need larger numbers to matter when they get into combat. All or nothing I say. Either double the size to 10 (or larger) or spend the 50 points elsewhere.

The problem I've had with Fen Wolves is that they move so fast I often let them go in unsupported while my Grey Slayers trickle up behind a turn too late. I have also found that "More Fen Wolves" is not always the answer. I've played too many games, specifically against a tank-heavy Eldar list, where the Fen Wolves had nothing to do until I could force the Eldar to get out of their transports. With no shooty ability the Fen Wolves either died easily or hid in cover wasting their points. Needless to say, I'm not trying to find models for 3x15 Fen Wolf packs.

I'm going to have to experiment with the Gating Long Fangs.

Good luck,
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