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well if you are new to playing 40k i would suggest that you play a more forgiving army with that said i shall put up a 1500pts list that i normally use it is very balance but will require certain tactic to use it well

archon, agoniser, splinter pistol, combat drugs, shadow field, plasma grenades, trophy racks 138pts

dracon, punisher, tormentor helm, combat drugs, animus vitae 100pts

10 wyches, wych weapons, succubus, agoniser 158pts
wyh transport raider, dark lance 55pts

15 warriors, 2 splinter cannons, sybarite, poisoned blades 151pts

15 warriors, 2 splinter cannons, sybarite, poisoned blades 151pts

10 warriors, 2 dark lances, sybarite, nightmare doll 126pts

9 warriors, 1 splinter cannon, 1 blaster, sybarite, power weapon 108pts
raider transport, dark lance 55pts

5 hellions, succubus, punisher, tormentor helm 131pts

4 reavers, succubus, power weapon, tormentor helm 136pts

ravager, 3 disintegrators

there are 70pts to play around with on here but this list allows for all but 3 units to be in combat on turn 2

this list was made to suit my style of play but you may find that you need to change it in order to do some damage with it feel free to make any changes this list is only a guide not a full list for tournaments

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Here's a different take for you:

Dark Eldar General Purpose Army List: 1486pts.


Dark Eldar Archon: Plasma Grenades, Shadow Field, Splinter Pistol, Combat Drugs, Agoniser [133pts] Usually operates with the Wyches.


Wych Squad of 9 Wyches w/Splinter Pistol, Wych Weapons, Plasma Grenades, 2 Blaster. Succubus w/Agoniser & Trophy Rack. Raider with Disintegrator, Horrofex and Night Shield [269pts]


Warrior Squad 1 of 20 Warriors: 2 Blaster, 2 Splinter Cannon, Sybarite with Goblet of Spite, Archangel of Pain, Trophy Rack, Splinter Pistol, Agoniser [221pts]

Warrior Squad 2 of 11 Warriors w/2 Dark Lance [108pts]
Warrior Squad 3 of 11 Warriors w/2 Dark Lance [108pts]
Warrior Squad 4 of 11 Warriors w/2 Dark Lance [108pts]
Warrior Squad 5 of 11 Warriors w/2 Dark Lance [108pts]


Jetbike Squad of 5 Reavers, 2 Blaster, Succubus with Agoniser [181pts]


Ravager with Night Shield [120pts]
Ravager with 2x Disintegrator, Night Shield [130pts]

Blasters: 6
Dark Lances: 12
Disintegrators: 3
Splinter Cannons: 4
Agonisers: 4

As you can see, there’s a few points left to play with. I am a much less experienced player than Gralph, and my list is rather safe and conservative compared with his. My lists tend to be anti-armour heavy, less Assaulting, but maybe more able to blast away at Marines and their toys.

Hope this helps.

Lord Ramon

P.S. I rather like Gralph's list, but would get battered if I used it at the moment. Think I'll try it out sometime though.
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