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1500 Beil-tan

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Hello. I am almost done with my nids and have begun looking toward a different army. I have begun creating lists for some of my potential candidates. I wanted an army that is exceptionally fast, small, and shooty, to contrast the large, hth nids I already have. I couldnt look any farther then the Eldar. I wanted any army that would jump out, blow some stuff up, and then move back into hiding behind cover, and that could quickly win small close combats, without being tied up forever. Any suggestions?

Runes of witnessing, ghosthelm, guide, pistol and ccw.
82 points

9 warp spiders
1 exarch w/ powerblades, 2 deathspinners
257 points

9 scorpions
1 exarch w/ scorpions claw
Wave serpent with bright lance and CTM
342 points

9 banshees
1 exarch w/executioner
Wave serpent with bright lance and CTM
336 points

Heavy support
1 falcon grav tank
holofield, sprit stone, scatter laser
180 points

3 warwalkers
w/ 6 starcannons
300 points

total=1497 points

The warwalkers didnt really fit with the whole pop up and attack, and neither did the falcon, but i needed to add some more firepower, in order to give me a chance to avoid the CC heavy beil tan I usually see. Any suggestions?
Another question I have is, how cheesy do you think this army is? I want any army that is balanced and fun to play against as well as fun to play with.

Suggestions are welcome and desired. B)
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fast go sm and heavy on assault troops rhinos land speaders and maybey some scout. but 2 tactical squads with 2 rhinos sum scouts 2 assault squads 1 with 5 the other with 10 men and land speaders for reserv and sum heavy weppons!!
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