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It has been a long time since I played a game of 40K and with a local friendly tourney coming up I thought I would dust off my 40K skills and models and give the game a go again. I have been slowly working on a small Black Templars force (I love the Black Templar fluff and theme) and I put this list together for the tourney. Please take a look at it and let me know any areas that need improvement in your opinion.

Marshal: BP, Power Weapon, Frag, Krak, Iron Halo, Jump Pack, Terminator Honors = 159
Emperor's Champion: Vow: Accept Any Challenege = 140

Crusader Squad (9 Initiates): BP+CCW, Melta Gun, Power Fist, Rhino (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers) = 227
Crusader Squad (9 Initiates): Bolters, Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Rhino (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers) = 223
Crusader Squad (10 Initiates): Bolters, Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Rhino (Extra Armor, Smoke Launchers) = 239

Fast Attack:
Assault Squad (10 Initiates): Power First, 2 Plasma Pistols = 245

Heavy Support:
Predator Annihilator: Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Extra Armor = 135
Vindicator: Extra Amor = 130

Total = 1498/1500

Tactics: This is a mechanized force designed to get close and put the hurt on. All three Crusader Squads are fitted with Rhinos and will deploy out of LOS if at all possible. First turn they will all advance and pop smoke. Second turn the will unload hopefully into terrain or behind cover if I am facing over whelming fire (Tau or IG). I know Rhinos are mobile coffins so I really don't want to stay in them too long unless the particular mission dictates the need too. Two Crusader Squads are fitted with bolters for mid-range fire support, although like any good marine they can mix it up in close combat if the need arises. The BP+CCW squad obviously wants to get into close combat as early as possible. All three squads have Power Fists for that extra killing power and ability to threaten vehicles if necessary. The Melta gun is there to threaten vehicles as well. The Assault Squad will either advance with the Crusader Squads or will hold back in cover to counter charge as needed. The Marshal will join the Assault Marines so he is always on the board to provide his high leadership for Righteous Zeal tests. The Emperor's Champion will join either 9 man Crusader Squad with a preference to the BP+CCW squad. If the mission allows he will deploy in the Rhino with the squad. If it is escalation or something and he cannot deploy with the unit, then he can jump in either Rhino as the squad becomes available. The Annihilator will provide a little long range support. The Vindicator is something I have wanted to use for a while. Unfortunately I did not have the points to add Power of the Machine Spirit, but at higher point levels I will. The Vindicator will advance with the Crusaders and provide a huge threat with its Pie Plate of Doom.

Possible Modifications: One possible change I have considered would be to drop the Terminator Honors from the Marshal and use the points to upgrade his Krak Grenades to Melta Bombs, give Smoke Launchers to the Vindicator for the first turn advance, and give the Marshal the Holy Hand Grenade (err... Orb) of Antioch.

Model Consideration: Unfortunately I lack another Crusader Squad with BP+CCWs. I would kind of like to remove one of the Bolter Squads in favor of them, but that will have to wait a while.
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