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1500 DA (tourney, version 2.1)

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Ok, here's the latest revision of my DA tourney list. The big change is the HQ is no longer shooty. Playtesting version 2.0 revealed shortcomings in the areas of mobility and assault, and the easiest thing to change is HQ.


Master of sanctity with boltpistol
8 marines (furious charge, pistols and swords), including company champion and termie sergeant with powerfist
Drop Pod



Venerable plasma cannon dreadnaught, extra armor, smoke.



7 marines, stubborn sergeant, Plasma/Plasma
7 marines, stubborn sergeant, Plasma/Plasma
6 marines, stubborn sergeant, Plasma/Melta
7 scouts (pistols/swords), veteran sergeant with powerfist and stormbolter


Fast Attack:

Ravenwing speeder with assault cannon
Ravenwing speeder with assault cannon


Heavy Support:

Annihilator with lascannon sponsons



That's it. My concern now is that I've given up 3 lascannons (two of them with tank hunters, the other one twinlinked) in order to get this assaulty HQ. Will a predator annihilator and a couple assault cannons be enough antitank in a tournament setting? If I need more, the only thing I can think of is deleting the stubborn sergeants (which make the squads last 2-3 turns in assault, in spite of killing little due to the lack of assaulty special weapons) from the tactical squads and upgrading the whirlwind to another Annihilator...but that would really weaken me against hordes. The WW saved me against orks the other day, while the 6 lascannons were a waste of points. In the same day, however, the WW was a waste against necrons, and the lascannons paid huge dividends in spite of the absence of a monolith....until the lascannon HQ squad go eaten by the veil lord and his merry band of immortals (which prompted the switch to an assaulty HQ).
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Please read the rule intractable, then remove venteran sgts form troops, and with it stubborn.

If you read carefully, ull understand that stubborn will only hold you in CC the entire game.

While, intractable will simply keep you from falling back from shooting.

Dont take plasma on dreadnougts

trade the preditors and whilrwind for a dev squad, 4 bolters, 4 MLs.
The Scout Sgt wants a bolt pistol more than a Storm Bolter.

Assault Cannon are better than Plasma Cannon, both for dispersed infantry and tank hunting reasons.

Melta guns in the command squad can alleviate your anti-tank worries.

Swop 2 of the Plasma Cannon for Lascannons.

Drop the melta gun in the Tactical squad.

Hope that helped.
Forged, I've been playing DA for 5 years, I think I understand intractable. I normally (very successfully) build my army around 3 full squads of stubborn shooty marines. Opponents get absolutely friggin mired when they attack them. Even against a good assault squad, they'll last 2-3 turns. I have yet to find an opponent who can deal with 30 stubborn shooty marines effectively. They don't have to be good at assault, they just have to stand there and take a loooong time to die. That's the purpose of them being stubborn, to make it extremely costly, time-wise, to assault them. It's probably less effective with only 7-8 marines in the squad, though.

I know the assault cannon is a better weapon on a dreadnaught, but for some reason, opponents tend to be a bit more apprehensive of the plasma cannon (perhaps because it doesn't get hot?), and I've always had good success with the setup I have anyway. Also, I like the 36" range and don't feel like painting a new arm. I have tow assault cannons on my speeders :yes:

I hate dev squads, they are far too easy to tie up in assault, and one S4 attack per turn is not worth 40 points! My last tournament, my devs killed one vehicle the entire weekend because they kept getting charged (wolf scouts, meh!)


I agree about the scout sergeant, but I don't have a spare boltpistol in my bits box, believe it or not. And I've found that when the squad gets whittled down to 2-3 models, the stormbolter comes in handy making that enemy squad that's exactly at half strength non-scoring, and filling other "incidental fire" needs... The extra S8 attack in combat would be nice, but at least the SB isn't a total waste of points.

As for the melta suggestions, I'll move the one in the tactical squad to the HQ squad, thanks! If I can find the points, I'll add another.

I could easily swop two plasma cannons for lascannons, I was already thinking about doing one. Why two? I don't want to give up too much plasma...
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2 Lascannons gives you a decent anti-high armour chance. 1 misses 1/3 of the time. 1 Plasma Cannon is enough for targets of opportunity usualy (deep strikers) I ususaly play with 4 tacs, 2 plasma 2 lascannon.
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