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Here we go.



Herald of Nurgle


4 Flamers

4 Flamers

4 Flamers


20 Plaguebearers

19 Horrors


Daemon Prince

The plan is to drop in the troops and DP and then bring in flamers to finish.
Any suggestions are welcome.

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HQ: Scribes are good. Drop the Herald of nurgle as they are poor for the points. A GUO with flies makes a good HQ for only 165 points.

Elites: Love flamers. 3 units of 4 would be better as you cannot lay flame templates accross your own models so getting 6 to shoot on the turn you arrive is difficult.

Troops: In games of D3+2 objectives you will struggle with only 2 units. 10 man units are still big enough and it will stop one battlecannon hitting 20 horrors on the turn they arrive. Plague bearers can run to spread out but horrors wish to fire usually. Get the changeling in one horror unit. Bolt is ok in smaller units but would you wish to turn off 60 S4 shots for a 50% chance of bolting a tank?

Heavy: Take pavine if you get slanesh daemon princes otherwise swap for MoN ot MoT for survivability.

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I agree with everything Madcat said, with only two exceptions:

1. I don't like the blue scribes. I've never found a good way of keeping them alive, and attaching them to a unit just makes that unit a glaring target. I think you're much better off with a daemon prince w/mark of tzeentch and bolt. For only 10 points more, it's far more survivable, and can take out tanks in the assault phase. If you really want a unit that can 'do it all' in the shooting phase, you're better off trading in both heralds for a Lord of Change, with breath.

2. I'd split those pink horrors into 2-3 units, giving bolt to each. Yes, it adds killpoints, but it helps you claim objectives, and it adds plenty of bolts to the list.

Otherwise the list looks good (it appears you've already taken Madcat's advice). Good luck!
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