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The list is fine. the only thing is: take those lascannons out of the command squad. you hav to stand still to use them. and you have to move to use the captain. so either way something from that squad will always be wasted every turn.
make one of the lascannons a company champion instead (basically gives you a marine with 2-3 attacks. A 4+ invulnerable save. And a power weapon, for only 35 points total!!)
make the other lascannon a normal marine with BP & CCW (same for the rest of the marines). And give this squad a drop pod.. this will cost you a lot less than a razorback with lascannons. Use those extra points to give the 7 man tac squad a drop pod too. (and make it 8-10 man if you can find the points)

The tac squads are good. Aside from what I said above. drop the 8 man squads down to 6 man and use the points for another speeder.
Landspeeders are good.
Dread is good.
Predd is good. Personally I would take HB side sponsons bcoz they can shoot on a 6” move. Lascannons cant. Don’t take lascannons unless your going up against something with a lot of tanks. And if you are then set your pred up in a good spot and don’t move it or you’ll lose half of it’s LC firepower.

But yeah, not bad ;)
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