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Hello all,

I took a big break from WH and now I am back to my dwarves... a lot has changed and because of that I don't know what is still good/bad to take in your army. I am going to play today against dark elves. I don't know what he will bring but I suspect a hydra and cold one knights to be there. Also sorceress. I have made a list, please leave comments on how to improve it... I know it is lacking but I don't know what.

Thane 93
-Shield, oathstone

Master Engineer 70

Runesmith 86
- shield,rune of dispel

Dwarf Warriors x29 - 349 pts
-shield, great weapon, FC

Dwarf Warriors x19 - 239 pts
- shield, FC,GW

2x 10 Quarrelers /w Shield - 140

Cannon - 150 pts
- rune of burning

Gyrocopter -80 pts

Organ Gun - 150 pts
Rune of accuracy and burning

I know my list is not that great and ANY help is greatly appreciated! My plan with this list is have the organ gun in the middle of the deployment zone on the closest edge next to the enemy. Next to it would be the 2 dwarf units. The gyrocopter is to take out warmachines like ballistas which he will probably have. I've put shields on the dwarves because he usually has lots of shooting and great weapons for that 2+ to hit as he has hatred and it should balance it out a bit. The cannon / organ gun can be used to hunt squads or hydras without problems because of the burning rune, the master engineer is there for the +1 bs ...though I don't know if it is worth it for 70 pts.... maybe I should get a 2nd rune smith with a dispel rune?

Edit: Just noticed I haven't posted this in the army list sub-sub forum. Didn't see it. Please mods if you could, move this thread to the correct place. :( I tried to delete it but couldn't.

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Grungni frowns upon you for not posting in the correct section!

Thane; with sooo many good rune combos, its a shame to leave what I'm is guessing your general without some basic protection in the form of a ward, and a magical runic weapon to do some good damage. Even more so as you have him on an Oath Stone which means there is a good chance he is going to end up seeing a challenge.

Master Engineer; good, obviously in the list to boost the OG BS to 4, combined with the +1 to hit Rune, but just consider that is ##pts (you may want to delete the points as you haven't added anything to him). make sure to make the most of him and entrench a war machine, but it may also be worth giving him a GW and Ro Stone so he has a 3+ save and the option to smash face when he needs to. So many skirmishers and light cavalry loose the fight when an ME lays into them with some S6 hits.

Rune Smith; okay for this level, but consider again Ro Stone, which combined with the shield gives him a 2+ armour save. have loaded out with core for troops, which isn't a bad thing at 1500pts, but it might be worth changing a few things.

Dwarf Warriors. You have given them both GWs and Shields. You only get the use of shields at range (4+ armour save), as in combat you are forced to use your GWs. So no bonus to your armour save (5+), and no Shield Wall or Parry saves. Personally, the way I would go is 1 unit of Longbeards with Shields, and one unit of warriors with GWs. Longbeards are a little more expensive, but you get WS5, S4 (S5 if you charge), and you can combine that with armour piercing from a Rune Smith to take on most foes easily.

Quarrellers seem okay. Might be worth at a later stage seeing how a unit of 20 with shields do as that gives you the option of another block unit rather than 2 speed bumps.

War Machines are fine. I would consider dropping Ro Burning on the OG. I only say this as 1) cannons are much better at killing monsters were OG should go for elite units, 2) if you wound something with the cannons flaming attacks it counts as being on fire the rest of the phase, so anything like the OG or Quarrellers which shoot the same target afterwards, also don't allow regen saves. And 3) there are a few (yes, not as many as regen but a few) units and characters where you will find them with a 2+ ward vs flaming attacks, Dragon princes as an extreme example, which is where normal attacks would be better.

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In my final list I dropped the thane and put on the gyrocopter vanguard and removed the rune of burning from the organ gun. I've kept in on the cannon just because of that hydra...only to realize that the hydra hasn't got any regeneration as in the rulebook. It does the same thing, but at a later stage (end of turn) so it is not affected by flaming. I killed it with one salvo of my organ gun. My cannon was useless, couldn't really hit anything with it and when I did I just rolled ones. As I usually do. I conceded to the game because I had to leave for an appointment, but it was a very close match even if I had some problems with my strategy (I've placed my gyro on the other side of the table only to lock it in combat with 6 skirmishers for the rest of the game .... which killed it (they had to roll 4+ 6+...and they did each time). Another mistake I made was splitting my forces in two. I've seen that he was trying to flank me with cavalry and I turned my warriors to the left to protect the flank and I did the opposite thing with the hammerers (turned them to the right) and his cavalry ran circles around me... He went through my quarrelers like there was no tomorrow, the shields didn't really do anything. In the middle of the table I had my organ gun and 10 quarrelers which ripped through a war hydra, 20 x-bow men and 30ish executioners (well, I didn't kill them all but I did kill ~10 until they reached my orgran gun). Then I charged the executioners with my warriors (yes, that happened) and I won the CR but had to concede because of time constraints. He had 2 units intact (one fast cavalry, one of warlocks on horsies) he had 2 heroes that had all their wounds and a few left overs. I only had my 2 blocks of hammerers and warriors which would have eaten him alive in CC (that happened with the executioners) but he most likely wouldn't have attacked me just shot at me.

It was a fun match that taught me how the rules of the 8th edition work and how to play the new dwarfs. I will try to get maybe a runelord or something next time as his magic was killing me. I require more organ guns and less cannons. With 2 organ guns it would have been a totally different story. As for specials... I don't know. Ironbreakers are good, Hammerers are great... I didn't really have the points for longbeards and warriors and hammerers. What is your usual setup for 1500 pts ?
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