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1500 fragile list...advice?

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Ok guys so Ive been toying with the idea of a very fast hard hitting list, but having put it together it seems very fragile and my thoughts are that it will either fail miserably or do extremely well...btw my opponent is playing apace marines...2 dreads 1 pred death squad 5 6 squads each with a heavy weapon of some sort 2 speeders and a small squad of termies.

1 Lord
+ Destroyer Body
+ WarSycthe
+ ResOrb 180pts

1 Lord
+ ResOrb
+VoD 200pts

8 Immortals 224pts

12 Warriors 216pts
12 Warriors 216pts

3 Wraiths 123pts
4 Destroyers 200pts
4 ScarabSwarms
+ Disruptive Fields 64pts

Heavy Destroyer 65pts


Shoot and scoot army...tear it up
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not sure how this would do so i will make very skechy sugestions.

I would probably drop the four scarabs and recoup the points into warriors or a tomb spyder or another H. Destroyer because 4 is an awfully small amout of units that are very vunrable to ordinace and shooting. past that it looks good.
I always use my 4 scarab swarms to make contact with his predator on turn 2 and take it out...and he knows this so he concentrates alot of fire at them the first turn because he absoultly hates it when his tank dies to "cannon fodder". this will take fire off of my other troops for a turn to get the other fast movers in on a flank and start working their way over. i keep the heavy d fairly well protected but he always seems to attract a lascannon around turn 3

i may switch the unit size on the warriors to 14 and 10..hiding the unit of 10 to prevent phase out and let my other unit go mobile.

but like i said the list is experiemental and will either do really well, or do miserable
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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