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Hey everyone,
I just picked up our newest armies book the other day and have thrown together a quick list from the models that I actually have remaining from before I left the game previously. This is going to be just a small 1500 point list to take to the local store to get back into the game with. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Exalted Hero @ 175
-Mark of Nurgle
-Rending Sword
-Necrotic Phylacerty

Chaos Sorcerer @ 211
-Level 2
-Mark of Nurgle
-Bloodcurdling Roar
-Infernal Puppet

17 Chaos Warriors @ 365
-Mark of Nurgle
-Musician and Standard Bearer
-Banner of Wrath
-Host unit to the Exalted Hero

25 Chaos Marauders @ 185
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Light Armor

8 Marauder Horsemen @ 144
-Mark of Slaanesh
-Light Armor

5 Chaos Warhounds @ 30

Chaos Chariot @ 130
Mark of Slaanesh

5 Chaos Knights @ 260
-Mark of Nurgle
-Musician and Standard Bearer

Total: 1500

Other models that I did not include in the list are:
Spawn of Chaos
Tzeentch Hero on Foot x 2
24 Warriors of Chaos
5 Marauder Horsemen
About 16ish more Marauder Footmen

As previously stated, if you have any suggestions, I would gladly like to hear them. As well, if you have any tips as to what I should add, I would love to hear it as I would be looking to expand the force eventually. If it helps, my goal at the current time is not really to get into the tourney scene as I have been absent from the rules for a couple editions, but more of a casual game from time to time. Thanks a lot!
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