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Ok here goes


Exalted Champion-Undivided
-Crimson Armour Dargan
-Sword Might
-Barded Chaos Steed

Mortals- 1096

12 Chosen Warriours Khorne
Shields, Musician, Champion, Standard Bearer, Banner Rage

15 Marauders
Light Armour, Shields, Musician, Standard bearer

10 Chosen Knights Khorne
Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Rage


10 Bloodletters
Musician, Standard bearer

I think the points are right maths aint that good. This is a brute force army and the marauders are to attract some fire because they are cheap. Couldn't find space for the Mark of Khorne on the Lord but can he still ride with the knights anyway.

Tell me what you think

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Not bad list, but the exalted champ and all the wargear you've given him only comes to 156 not 206 pts. This leaves you some points, also you've given two units the banner of rage. You can only have one of each item unless it's scrolls and power stones etc. So that gives u another 50pts, more than enough to give your champ the mark of Khorne. After that why not try a beast of chaos or maurauder horsemen or but your first maurauder unit up to 20. And if pos give your knights (or warriors) the war banner for +1 CR.

Hope I've helped. If I can help again just call and I'll come arunning :D

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10 chosen knights is way too much in 1500pts.
They would probably have to be in 2 ranks or lots of things will charge them and outnumber them. In 2 ranks half your attacks are wasted, hardly a good use of 300pts. Split them into 2 groups and have one chosen then you would nearly have enough points for an aspiring champion.
People with reasonable common sense don't usually shoot marauders when chosen knights are charging them.
Dont make the warriors chosen they have enough attacks as it is.
As khorne has no ranged attaks you need numbers so use the spare points on a few extra warriors.
Marauders are uneffective with 15.
Great weapons may be helpful for them. (if you have points spare and the converting skill)
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