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It's been a while since I've had the joy to write up an army list, but I've decided to start playing 40k again and apparently army lists are necessary. I am being gifted two Leman Russes and a basilisk to help ea$e the pain of a mech list...

J. Officer
2 veterans
3 storm bolters = 67

Fire Support 3x AutoCan
Anti Tank 3x LasCan = 205
Chimera Multi-Laser + Hvy Bolter =85

7 Storm Trooper
melta & plasma= 80
Chimera Multi-Laser + Hvy Bolter + stubbler=97


Missile Launcher + Plasma Gun=85
Chimera Multi-Laser + Hvy Bolter =85

Missile Launcher + Plasma Gun=85
Chimera Multi-Laser + Hvy Bolter =85

Grenade Launcher=68
Chimera Multi-Laser + Hvy Bolter =85

Leman Russ
lascannon Hvy Bolter = 165

Lascannon Hvy Bolter = 175

Indirect Fire = 125

HQ + Elites = 534
Troops = 493
Heavy= 465

Total= 1492


I would separate the army into a WII-style fire team/assault team combo, except by assault team I mean flank, harass, lure/bait, object seize team, everything except assaulting (but they would be called assault team anyways). The assault team would be the Demolisher, Grenade Launch Platoon, HQ and stormtroopers. The rest would be the fire team, more static, but not unable to redeploy if things get hot.

Well there was a few hours well spent...I would like to try and keep the heavy tanks as they are, since they will be free. Any thoughts with the Storm troopers? I can't decide if between double metla or plasma or what. I like the storm troopers though, I just do...

I see other ppl's lists with the HQ squad having options for special weapons like 4 plasma, is this right?

Thanks all...I'm pretty pumped to be getting back into this kick'n game

The Fallen
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ok not bad, I think you are oversimplifying the tactics, against some armies you will pretty much have to stay still and shoot, against others, you may be able to move with impunity, but be carefull lureing, flanking etc is all well and good but you only kill stuff by shooting it

The list is illegal, re read the codex, a platoon (single troop choice) is a command squad and 2+ troop squads, take the grenadiers doctrine as well as mechanised (you need to state what doctrines you have) and you can use your stormies as a troops choice and change the first squad to a command squad

HQs with loaded plasma - yes because probably more than half the armies you face are MEQs, you strugle to hit (because you are IG) but also you struggle to wound and then they save (because they are MEQ), hence anything that helps you wound and more importantly gets past their saves is a brilliant, most heavy weapons struggle to achieve this, with Las cannon and krack missiles being the only effective solutions, and against terminators, only las cannons being of use, however, plasma can do the same thing, better yet at short ranges it fires twice as many shots as a las cannon. Therefore there is a temptation to overload on plasma, there are 2 issues with this: 1 - gets hot, but heck, these are 6 point guardsmen, just bear in mind when you rapid fire a plasma gun you are as likely to loose the plasma gunner as kill an opponent

Other things to consider:
Extra armour and smoke for those vehicles, particularly if you want to move

the fact you cant afford extra armour and smoke, and are short on special weapons in the HQs and both special and heavy weapons in the troops infers you are trying to cram too much in

Flamers are very good weapons for transported units

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My kind list!:party:

Cheradenine had some good advice, I'll just add a bit.

For a Mech list, I like to use only Grenadiers for Troop choices because; you need less Chimeras, which save room for Hellhounds.

Only put one type of Special weapon per squad, take two Plasmas or two Meltas.

I usually equip my Grenadiers with two Plasmas and Vet Sgt with Power Weapon.

I like to put 4 Flamers in my HQ which doesn't use my poor BS.

You will have to mod the Tanks, but on my Demolisher and Russ's, I like to have a triple Heavy Bolter set up instead of the Lascannon and Heavy Bolters. It is saves points and is more effective than the battle cannon in some circumstances.

Extra Armour and Smoke are manditory on my Tanks.

My 1500pt Mech list has:

HQ: JO (Plasma) + Flamers

2 X Grenadier Squads like above. All my Chimeras have EA, SK and Stubber.

2 Squads of 2 Lascannon Sentinals


two Demolishers (or 1 Demolisher and one Russ)

One Basilisk.

I typically let the Demolishers and Hellhounds (might overload a flank for example) go after certain things and keep everything else back shooting. The Grenadiers are sort of like reserves and I usually keep them only until needed or to capture an objective towards the end of the game while the three 36" 3 shot guns blase away at troops.

Hope this helps.

Cheers, DH

Confused Corgi
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I would actually have to prefer hardened vets to Grenadiers, they cost less, have roughly the same stats, and are more versatile.

I would personally prefer to take a pair of armoured fist squads for ranged support and hardened vets for objective taking/greater firepower, but that's just my preference.

For your list, I would suggest trying to strengthen that HQ squad, if you could. It could easily be an incredibly effective key unit, but as it is now, it is just in there to fill the slot.

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What a list!

I like it, I think you need to take on board some of the advice given in the last two posts. Look at the HQ again and Veterans are a lot of fun... Plus they can carry one more special weapon. Other than that I would find this a pretty intimdating list to play against which is a good acid test...
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