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Im pretty new to 40k and play mostly with my friends, Ide like to have an effective guard army without having to rely on tanks and artillary if possible and this army is just for casual even points games. Even so, any advice on other things to take and any tips on tactics (particularly against demons) and the like would be greatly appriciated.

Vet squad 3 melta 100
Chimera 55

1st platoon
PCS 4xGL 50
1st squad 1 GL 1 LC 75
2nd squad 1 GL 1 LC 75
spec squad 3xGl 50
spec squad 3xGl 50

2nd Platoon
PCS 4xGL 50
1st squad 1GL 1Lc 75
1st squad 1GL 1Ac 65
spec squad 3xGl 50
spec squad 3x Gl 50

Psyker Battle Squad 110
Marbo 65


Lord Solar 172
Using rules from an old white dwarf magazine since im just playing friendly games

Heavy Support

Hydra Flack Tank 75

I think the points thus far are 1147 or so....
Like i said im looking to use as little armor as possible and my friends all have space marines and demons. Any ideas would be appriciated
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