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Army Lists:

Necrons (me)

HQ: Destroyer Lord, warscythe, phase shifter, res orb
2x10 Warriors
1x11 Warriors
Fast Attack:
3 Wraiths
2x3 Destroyers
Heavy Destroyer

Inquisition I'm a bit fuzzy on his list
Inquisitor, 2 Sages, 2 Gun Servitors (Plasma and something else)
2 Chimeras with 2x5 Armored Fist and a Priest
2x Penitent Engines
6 Arco-flagellants
8 Seraphim (or six?), 2x hand flamers, Sergeant type (Sister Superior?)
2x Death Cult Assassins
Callidus Assassin
2x Exorcists

Set Up
6x4 table, from my edge: a ruined building in my left deployment zone, a City Fight building in my right. Two tall plastic things, 5" wide in my center. In the center left, a forest. Center right, a large hill. A small forest to the right of that. In his deployment zone on my left, a hill. In his center, a City Fight building, and on his right, another ruined building.

I put a unit of warriors in the left building with the HD behind them. Two Destroyer squads behind the black plastic things. In the right hand building, another warrior squad on multiple levels. To their right, near the table edge and sheltered behind the building, the D Lord and Wraiths. Monolith and 11 Warriors in reserve.

His set up was a surprise because, for fun, we don't exchange lists. Two Penitent Engines all the way left next to his hill, a chimera and the Seraphim to their right on the other side of the hill, partially hidden behind the forest. Exorcists behind the central building in his zone, arcos behind the hill to the right and in front of the building. On the far right, opposite my Lord and Wraiths, the Inquisitor, disembarked next to the Chimera. Death Cults infiltrated in front of the plastic things that hid my destroyers. This was the surprise: normally I'd have something in front of my Destroyers. Callidus in reserve.

He used Whisper to move my right hand unit of Destroyers into the open in charge range of an assassin.
Turn 1
I won, which may have saved the game for me. The Lord and Wraiths moved up behind the trees to avoid the Inquisitor's plasma. The right unit of Destroyers moved back and blasted the Death cult assassin threatening them. The left squad moved left and hit the Seraphim, killing 1. The warriors to the left moved up in the ruins to get a shot at the Penitent Engines, which would soon be in range. The HD moved left of the building and promptly missed a PE. That's why I ought to bring two or none!

In his turn, the PEs moved forward towards the warriors on the left, the Seraphim moved forward next to the woods with the Chimera beside them. An Excorcist moved to the left of the building and killed a Destroyer, which did not get back up. The Arcos moved up to the left of the right hand hill. The other Excorsist moved to the right and fired at something. The Inquisitor Lord and Chimera on the right moved a bit. I believe I lost two warriors on the left side to a Chimera. Not much else happened.
Turn 2
Monolith and Warriors arrive and land on target between the fight hill and the forest! The HD moved a bit and hit a PE, but did nothing. The warriors shot a PE and did nothing. The two Destroyers to my left turboed to the right to avoid the Seraphim. The other Destroyers flayed the remaining Death Culter. The newly arrived warriors blast the Chimera, pinning the Armored Fist (they had plasma, which I forgot, so this was big). The Flux Arc rolled a lot of 1s and didn't do much. The D Lord and Wraiths assaulted the Inquisitor and killed the whole unit, consolidating behind the ruins.

On his turn, the Callidus arrived and got tangled up with the three destroyers. Due to high leadership, her neural shredder did nothing, and she spent the rest of the game trying to kill Destroyers. His Arcos kept moving forward next to the center hill. His Exorcists both moved to the right of the building and one killed a Wraith (I thought I was 6" in cover but wasn't). The remaining Chimera moved left toward his ruined building. The Seraphim and PEs moved towards the warriors on the left. In an incredibly lucky break, the warriors ran from the damage inflicted by the Seraphim and fell back behind the building, leaving his PEs stranded out of assault range.
Turn 3
My HD decided to give itself to the Red Harvest and moved net to the PEs, destroying one. The idea was to force the second one (or both, if he continued his poor shooting) to assault him, leaving the PEs stranded all the way on the left of the board. When the PE exploded, so did he. So much for plans. The warriors behind the building regrouped and moved right, clearing the building and killing another Seraphim. The two Destroyers shot at the Arcos, I believe, but ended up trying to assault the Callidus. They didn't make it. The Lord and wraiths wiped out the Armored Fist squad and consolidated into the building. At some point the Monolith moved above the hill to pull warriors through to attack the Arcos. I believe the Monolith stayed put while the Warriors behind it Destroyed the remaining Chimera. The Monolith Particle Whipped them, hitting for the first time in my year long career. I then rolled 3 1s.
His Turn to End
This is where things get fuzzy. I can't remember the exact order of events, so I'll just say what happened. His Seraphim wiped out my remaining warrior on the left and began moving to the main battle, as did his PE. The Lord killed both Exorcists and the Priest and Armored Fists. The warriors in the right hand building finally killed his Callidus after it ran some Destroyers off the table. I pulled a unit of warriors through the portal to attack the Arcos. I know I then assaulted them to avoid the Seraphim wiping them out with twin linked hand flamers and Divine Guidance. What I don't remember is how this happened, since I can't shoot and assault with rapid fire weapons. I think we may not have realized that RF weapons can't shoot once, then assault. At any rate that squad died, leaving one Arco. I then killed the remaining Seraphim after he took his bid at Phase Out. He actually had me at the number, but one of three warriors stood back up. I then ran everything away from him, forcing his Arco to move towards the closest unit, the Monolith, with one PE still steaming across the board.
Wrap up
This was the most fun I've had playing. My friend brought a crazy assault list with some scary units (Arcos and PEs eat Necrons for lunch, and the Callidus would murder units with lower leadership) and none of his usual HQs. His assassins basically took my Destroyers out of the game. The DLord wins the unit of the game, taking out the Inquisitor, Priest, three Armored Fists and two Exorcists. The warscythe might just be the best CC weapon in the game, and his toughness and 4+ invulnerable make him REALLY hard to kill. I may never leave him at home again, although a support Lord is awfully tempting in a lot of games. I've decided I like three Wraiths better than 10 Scarabs. They slaughter basic troops and get anywhere they want to be in a hurry. I've always used the Monolith badly and never liked it much, but in my last few games I've become a believer. Deep Striking it with Warriors in reserve is the way to go. It even hit with the Particle Whip, C'tan be praised! I'm troubled by my recollection of the battle between the warriors and the Arcos: I may have broken the rules there (can't see how I didn't, since I doubt I would have taken the charge into all those power weapons over the rapid fire). That might have tipped the game in his favor. To have that game come down to a made WBB roll in turn six was incredible. For just a moment I considered being sporting and going all death or glory on him in turn 6 in an attempt to wipe out his remaining units. The moment passed, and I took the win. I'm not even ashamed.


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At some point the Monolith moved above the hill to pull warriors through to attack the Arcos. I believe the Monolith stayed put while the Warriors behind it Destroyed the remaining Chimera. The Monolith Particle Whipped them, hitting for the first time in my year long career. I then rolled 3 1s.
Hm. Sounds as though you used the Portal and the PW in the same turn. Watch for that one in future games.

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Hm. Sounds as though you used the Portal and the PW in the same turn. Watch for that one in future games.
Actually, I didn't. That's where I lost the thread of the battle. I think I moved a unit of warriors to hit the Arcos on one turn, then used the Whip on the next. I just couldn't make that fit with when my Lord hit the Exorcists. He obviously needed three turns to kill both Exorcists and the Fist and Priest that survived the the Particle Whip. I can't make it all fit (this was three weeks ago) and didn't realize it until I got to turn 3. Seemed clear when I started. One problem is that I can't think how the Arcos didn't charge something. I also can't remember for the life of me what the Exorcists did. My friend is the master of the two missile Exorcist roll, but he rolled pretty well in this game. He must have shot at Warriors in one of the buildings. That's my first attempt at a report. I'll have to figure out how to use pictures and actually take some notes next time.
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