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big choppa
eavy armour
attack squig
boss pole
cybork body

Big mek
power claw
boss pole
kustom forcefield
eavy armour
cybork body

2 x 10 boys 1 rockit
1 nob PC boss pole
trukk red paint grot riggers extra armour
rokkits on trukk

One HQ will go in each of the truckks

5 nobs bikers
waagh banner
2 claws
2 big choppa
pain boy

cybork bodies
boss pole
3 stick bombs

2 lootas big cannon and 2 big shootas

15 kommandos 2 burnas, boss snikrot

dread with 2 claws 2 bigshootas
extra armour
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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