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Trying to figure out a good beastmen list before I buy. If anyone has some fun or interesting ideas involving other units I haven't posted please comment.

Core: 436
Gor Herd 38
full command
additional hand weapon

Ungor Raiders 10
Ambush deploy
Full Command

Special 390
30 Bestigors
Full command

Heroes 351 goes in the gor herd
Wargor BSB the beast banner
heavy armor shield

Bray shaman lvl 2
Shard of herd stone

Lords 319 goes in the gor herd
Great Bray shaman general lvl 4
jagged dagger
Talisman of Preservation
dispell scroll
Lore of Beasts

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That's the great thing about Beastmen, I bought three battalions and there's not a model in it that I wouldn't use. One of the best bangs for the buck, imo. I guess some folks will tell you no Ungors but I use them.

Just toss in a couple pigs and you're pretty good. Maybe some more Gors, a whole second unit.
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