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1500 Point Elite Ig Army

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okay, i just added this up and i wanna know what everyone thinks of it, i already have a standard style IG army, and i wanted to go for a really elite kinda force, so here goes....

Colonel w/ power weapon,storm bolter,trademark item and iron discepline

command squad w/ plasma gun,master vox,medic,and standard (140 pts)

2x anti-tank squads w/lascannons (220 pts)

4x sentinals (220pts) *note*each of these is deployed as its own unit, i just put them all here for the sake of brevity...and ive clearly destroyed the sake of brevity with this drawn out explanation on how i like being brief... :p

10 hardened veterans w/ 3x plasma guns and a vox-caster (218 pts)

10 hardened veterans w/ 3x plasma guns and a vox-caster (218 pts)

10x stormtroopers w/ 2x plasma guns and vox-caster(121 pts)

10x stormtroopers w/ 2x plasma guns and vox-caster(121 pts)

10x stormtroopers w/ 2x plasma guns and vox-caster(121 pts)

30 conscripts w/ 3x heavy bolters (165 pts)

basilisk (100 pts)

basilisk (100 pts)

the army has the following doctrines: conscripts platoons,grenadiers,iron discepline, and veterans.

total points: 1520 pts (ill shave that down a bit...but thats close enuf for now)

so thats it, i figure as far as strategy goes i figure stormtroopers, veterans and sentinals close in with the enemy using cover, and use their high strength weapons to do some damage, while the command,lascannon units,and the basilisks provide heavy cover from behind their conscript meatshield.

so whaddya think of that idea? :huh:
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ok you have a spare doctrine point so use drop troops. this way you can get the stormtroopers wher they are needed easily.

also drop the conscipts and get a demolisher

let me know what you think
i was thinkin i might be a 'little' short on tanks...but i was afraid that my 2 lascannon units would be a little out in the open without some guys in front of em, and i didnt know u were allowed to use 2 alternative organization doctrines at once...maybe i just need to read a bit more :p but thanks :)
the only limitations on doctrines is the ones that are listed in the entries

they are the only ones i knwo about

and a demolisher gives great convering fire trust me noone wants to get in its way

also are you new to warhammer 40k
not new enough to be called a noob lol
ive been collecting khorn chaos for almost a year now, but im pretty new to IG, i just have one of those new box sets of cadians, and i was thinkin of expanding into some of the more elite IG units (whenever i look at the cadian stormtrooper models in the new IG codex,all i can think of is the marines from aliens, and i NEED me some of that lol)
Do you really need a trademark item on your colonel, and a standard in his squad? That's a little overkill. You only get one re-roll to your leadership check, I believe.
swap the lascannons for missile launchers, as they are nearly as good anti tank, better at anti infantry and a lot cheaper.
they arent better at anti infantry if u use the frag missles.
yuo can use both krak and frag missiles in a game
Hi guys, this is my first time posting online concerning 40k so be gentle ;)

Sweet_sweet_Guard, i have to say your army list looks quite appealing.. VERY
DESTRUCTIVE! Although rather than chase an elite army i think you may as well
acknowledge your affinity for plasma weapons :)

Your army doesnt scream 'elite' to me because of two reasons:
* The high proportion of plasma weaponry which often kill their crewmen before they can become proficient with the gun let alone battle, and therefore becoming elite.
* And the conscripts that are tagging along with the elite troops :D

If you dont really care about the background of your army and are looking to demoralise your friend through the annihilation of his men then never mind about this section :p

However, i am fairly sure ( not 100% ) that even if you pick the conscripts doctrine for your army you must still satisfy the basic requirements for them as stated in the codex. Namely, you MUST field ONE platoon of NORMAL infantry for each conscript platoon that is included [page 45]. Since your army doesnt include a regular infantry platoon because of your grenadiers doctrine then i dont see how you can field conscripts! I assume this requirement has been included so your basically 'free' conscripts cant soak up fire for your eilte trooper army :)

[As i mentioned im not 100% sure on this so dont flame me to death if i am wrong i just dont want you to accidentally field an illegal army] :D
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Conscripts with Heavy Bolters? That's 45 pts down the drain, man... Give them flamers instead, get rid of one of the Basilisks and put the spare points in a vanilla Leman Russ with hull and sponson heavy bolters... Two bassies are a bit... dangerous, if you know what I mean... wink wink... open topped and low armour. Ouch.

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