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Here is my first attempt to make an Imperial Guard Army. I believe it is well rounded and able to do more damage than most due to the number of special weapons and the massed flamers etc.

Looking forward to comments. Also, is this army conforming to the rules etc?



Regiment: Klaserian Sixth


Light Infantry
Drop troops
Special weapons squads

Command Squad 131

Senior officer (Mellivora Capensis) 1Macharian Cross,Power weapon
Standard bearer 1
Master-vox 1
Autocannon crew 1

Special Weapons support squads

Sniper Team 65
Troopers 3
Sniper 3

Flamer Team 59
Troopers 3 melta bombs X3
flamers 3


Hardened Veterans

Troops 5
Troops with flamers 3
Voxcaster 1
Sergeant 1

Troops 5 190
Troops with plasma guns3
Voxcaster 1
Sergeant l 1
Chimera 1

Infantry Platoon Alpha
Platoon command squad
Junior Officer (Lycaeon pictus) 1Power weapon
Mortar team 1(2crew)
trooper with melta gun 2

Squad 1 93
Troops with lasguns 6
Lascannon 1(2crew)
Troop with grenade launcher 1
Sergeant 1

Squad 2 83
Troops with lasguns 6
Missile launcher 1(2crew)
Troop with grenade launcher 1
Sergeant with 1

Infantry Platoon Beta

Platoon command squad
Junior Officer (Hystrix Cristata) 1Power weapon 82
trooper with plasma gun 2
Trooper with flamer 1
medic 1

Squad One 83
Troops with lasguns 6
Heavy bolter team 1(2crew)
Troop with grenade launcher 1
Voxcaster 1
Sergeant 1

Squad Two 85
Light Infantry doctrine
Troops with lasguns 7
Sniper 1
trooper with melta gun 1
Sergeant with bolt pistol 1

Fast Attack

Sentinel 3 Autocannon x 2 145
multilaser x 1

Heavy support

Basilisk 1Indirect fire 125

Demolisher 1Heavy bolter 175
plasma cannons


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My general opinion of your list is that it is TOO generalized. It seems that you wanted to get 1 of every type of weapon, rather than going with the weapons that are most effective when used together. One thing you should never do is waste your veteran squads by equipping them with flamers. If you really want to use flamers, put them on your regular troops since they only have a BS3 and since flamers dont rely on you BS. If you put flamers on veteran squads you are essentially wasting their BS4, which is the main reason to take veterans (other than the fact that you can take more special weapons). One thing I could see happening is your forces getting overrun by a lot of armored vehicles. You may want to switch out some of your autocannons, or the multi-lazer on the sentinel for some more lascannons. For 2 points more per weapon, you could also substitute some plasma guns for some of your grenade launchers for a little extra punch.

One other thing, I recommend switching the plasma cannons on your demolisher for heavy bolters. The only time you will be able to use your p. cannons is when/if your demolisher cannon gets destroyed. Or, you will be shooting the p. cannons and not the demolisher cannon. Either way, you are not getting the full effect of the vehicle.

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I disagree. Plasma Cannons have a range of 36", which is essentially 2 turns of movement farther away than a Demolisher Cannon. In addition, the demolisher is highly likely to get damaged due to its high profile on the target ranking. I prefer plasma Cannons, but that may just be me.

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If you like the whole flamer-torchy thing, put three flamers in command squads. It saves points and gets you a great counter-charge element at the same time.

Dawn Under Heaven
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Take Close Order Drill as your fifth doctrine.

Also get rid of your two special weapons teams. Flamers are crap, they should never show their ugly faces in a Guard army. get rid of ALL of them. 3 sniper rifles on the other hand just isn't effective. If you want snipers you need to take ratlings where it's much more effective. Replace them with a triple lascannon anti-tank team, it's hard to come out with a list that's got too much AP2, unless your name's LeeJerrum (20
something lascannons, lots of plasmaguns, a demolisher and some rough riders)

Next ditch the macharian cross, you can save that many points by deploying correctly in the first place. Instead upgrade the officer by changing him to a junior officer and giving him an Honourifica Imperialis. Also get rid of the autacannon, put a mortar in if you want. This squad should ALWAYS be deployed out of LOS with the enemy. You can't afford to lose their leadership.

Next find the points to change those grenade launchers into something useful, i.e. Plasmagun. And Generally speaking, unless it's a five man drop trooping suicide squad, plasmaguns beat meltaguns hands down anyday. Suggest you make the switch.

Next get rid of all of teh sergeant upgrades! You have mastervox remember! Sergeants are a waste of points. And as I said before, insmall numbers sniper rifles are crap. Change the sniper rifle for an autocannon or a lascannon.

The sentinels should be split up so they can't go down to one heavy bolter simultaneously. But IMO I would ditch the sentinels.
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