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So I recently took first in a 1500point tournament so I thought I would post my list to see what you all here think.

Traits: Cleanse and Purify

Drawback: Have Pride in your Colors


Master in Terminator Armor with Lightning Claw (just one) and combi-plasma gun.
Command Squad: 4 terminators, 2 w/ assault cannons


Venerable Dreadnought w/ heavy flamer, extra armor and a drop pod


2x Tactical Marine squads, 8 men strong w/ sargeant with terminator honors and powerfist, 2 melta guns, and drop pod


2x Land Speeder Tornados


Predator Annihilator w/ extra armor and lascannon sponsons

Land Raider Crusader w/ smoke

Total was 1498 points.

The scenerios played were for table corners, extra points being given for having scoring units in deployment zones. The fight for first place was a standard game with 12" deployment zones from opposite table edges. Tournament took place over two days, the second day being for the top four players out of the 14 from the first day. On the first day players took turns setting up the terrain that was allowed them depending on which table they were assigned by the store owner. Day two players took turns placing seven peices of terrain taken from anywhere in the store.

My oponents were:
Day one: All jump pack blood angels army
and a balanced gaurd army, mostly static, but with some deepstriking

Day Two: Eldar with an ungodly amount of skimmers with holofields.
Tau doing what tau do.. shoot.

I wont say anymore as my post is already getting close to looking like a battle report >.>
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