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I recently took first in a 1500point tournament

Traits: Cleanse and Purify

Drawback: Have Pride in your Colors


Master in Terminator Armor with Lightning Claw (just one) and combi-plasma gun.
Command Squad: 4 terminators, 2 w/ assault cannons


Venerable Dreadnought w/ heavy flamer, extra armor and a drop pod


2x Tactical Marine squads, 8 men strong w/ sargeant with terminator honors and powerfist, 2 melta guns, and drop pod


2x Land Speeder Tornados


Predator Annihilator w/ extra armor and lascannon sponsons

Land Raider Crusader w/ smoke

Total was 1498 points.

The scenerios played were for table corners, extra points being given for having scoring units in deployment zones. The fight for first place was a standard game with 12" deployment zones from opposite table edges. First turn was decided before deployment and before placing terrain. After Terrain was placed we rolled for table edges. Tournament took place over two days, the second day being for the top four players out of the 14 from the first day. On the first day players took turns setting up the terrain that was allowed them depending on which table they were assigned by the store owner. Day two players took turns placing seven peices of terrain taken from anywhere in the store. On day two we were not allowed to change our lists.

My oponents were:
Day one: All jump pack blood angels army
and a balanced gaurd army, mostly static, but with some deepstriking

Day Two: Eldar with an ungodly amount of skimmers with holofields.
Tau doing what tau do.. shoot.


Blood Angels.
all jump pack army

The terrain was set up so that there was a huge building at the center of the table.
South of this we set up a various forrests to form a circle with a clearing at the center
At the south end of this forrest circle was a mine feild (counted as dangerous terrain)
Most of the terrain ended up in the deployment zone I chose.

I won the dice of for table corners and won the dice off for first turn.

He naturaly deployed as close to me as possible
Most notable was his fully manned Death Company lead by a Chaplain (the guy with a name and the mask, I forget), and a veteran squad with several power fists in it. Every squad had a power fist.

I deployed really far away. I kept my HQ and his retinue outside and in a forrest.

Turn 1: My Space Marines
Fortunately for me, there was no terrain in his corner, however, all the terrain in my corner was in the way. I took a few pot shots at his death company with my land speeders. The dice hated him and he lost a couple guys from heavy bolters (didn't get my assault cannons in range)

Turn 1: Blood Angels
Blood angels first turn:

On his 1st turn he moved closer to me and my deployment zone

Turn 2: My Space Marines

Both my tactical marine drop pods make it. His army is tightly packed making every position look like suicide to my marines. My scatter took my marines away.. and one squad out of bolter range.. and on top of the mine feild. Luckily, the edge of the pod was near good ground so they exited in a nearby forrest behind the mine field.

My other squad landed just east of the jump pack mob of blood angels and in the forrest clearing. Took a few shots and only killed a few marines, enough to force a moral check which he failed, lol.

And there was more shooting from my speeders and also my Land Raider Crusader Killing a couple marines.

Turn 2: Blood Angels

He sends everything (that wasn't running/regrouping) at the nearest tactical squad (the one that made one squad run). He hopes he wont annihilate them, but of course he does. After some really bad masacre rolls, nearly his entire army is left inside the forrest clearing and his death company starting strait into my HQ.

Turn 3: Space Marines
My dreadnought makes it into play. Drops to the east of the jump pack mob and harrasses them with his heavy flamer and assault cannon. My surviving tactical squad moves over a few inches to get into rapid fire range of the death company. My Predator also points its guns at them.

I thought I would make this intersting and fluffy and so moved my HQ and command squad toward the death company. Yes, I had them move closer. Like, assault range closer.

With his entire army stuck in the clearing I unloaded all my guns into him. Almost his entire death company is anihilated. (this is where my combi-plasma gun really helped). Sense the death company is fearless they wont be running so..

My Commander Calls out the blood angels Chaplain and they duel while the terminators slaughter what's left of his death company. Woot, I denied them the charge.

The Chaplain gets two wounds off on my Commander, who fails one save.
My Commander gets 4 wounds off on the Chaplain. He saves 3 of them. I am pissed.

By the end of this the Chaplain is alone surrounded by terminators...

Turn 3: Blood Angels
He sends one squad of assault marines (with a power fist) into my dreadnought. They will bestuck there for almost the rest of the game. T.T

The rest of his army rushes to the aid of his chaplain, almost completely surrounding my terminators.

My comander and comand squad was anihilated, but not without taking a few marines with them. Unfortunately, his chaplain somewhow survived.

My Drednought has WS of 1 and can't hit anything. EVER. But he wont die either. A lucky powerfist nearly explodes the dreadnought but a call for a re-roll, thanks to the venerable ability, changes the dice roll from a 6 to a 1.

Turns 4-6

My army sends copius amounts of bolter, assault cannon, melta and las weapon fire at his army, destroying it in turn 4.

His chaplain, still refusing to die, charges my tactical squad and eats a power fist FINALY failing a save.

My Drednougt can't kill anything until AFTER he is imobilised and loses his close combat arm, the last remaining assault marine with a power fist fails his moral and runs only to be gunned down by a land speeder.


Not a single blood angel unit servived.

Only my command squad and one tactical squad were killed, as well as a marine from the other tactical squad.


I owned one table corner and held the blood angel deployment zone with a single land speeder.

I'll post the results of the other battles in the tournament soon.
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