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I posted this under another account that was logged in by mistake.

Please critique and give advice on how to use the last few points. The Sorcerer will use the Lore of Shadows. I like the wargor, he has a potential to have 6 S6 attacks with hatred. The beast herd and spawns will screen and run interference. I know the fireworm upgrade is debatable but it is fluffy and can be nice against T3 infantry blocks.

Hordes of Chaos, Mortal 1483 points


Aspiring Champion
Chaos Steed
Mark of Tzeentch
Gaze of the Gods


Sorcerer of Chaos
Level 2 Sorceror
Power Familiar

Mark of Tzeentch
Additional Hand Weapon
Heavy Armor
The Goretooth
Pelt of the Dark Young


10 Warriors of Chaos
Mark of Tzeentch
Standard Bearer
Banner of Wrath

14 Marauders
Light Armor and Shields
Full Command


Beast Herd
10 Gors, additional hand weapons
7 Ungors

5 Minotaurs
Great Weapons
Mark of Tzeentch


2 Spawns of Chaos
Fireworms of Tzeentch

Power Dice: 11
Dispel Dice: 6

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Nice list, good and Fluffy, even the Spawns are marked Tze! :)

Look at a Disc for the Asp Champ, and then the Golden Eye of Tze for his defense, as well as a Spell Familiar. Alo add in a Halberd and Shield, just incase he does see combat.

Drop Chosen from the Warriors, its an expensive upgrade for now. With the Banner of Wrath in the unit, boost them to 12 (6x2) or 15 (5x3) strong and give them Shields.

Boost the Marauders to 19 Strong. If you're taking Shields, add LA too, otherwise just leave them naked.

Add a Foe Render to the Beast Herd.

All those upgrades may require some points from somewhere, lose a Mino. 4 are fine, 5 wide can make the unit difficult to control.

49 Posts
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Thanks, I will look into these changes... based on what I end up being able to buy/trade for.

I would like to have a disc rider, so that might be my next purchase.

The Chaos Warriors have shields and the Marauders do have LA+SH, I just forgot to type it, I will edit the original post. I would really like to keep the Chosen, because I love their great armor save, and the extra attacks are pretty nice too!

I didn't put the foe render in the beast herd because the wargor stays with that unit.

I had thought of dropping a minotaur anyway, so I will do that. Last battle, my minotaurs took out a Bretonnian general, 5 Grail Knights, and a damsel (or whatever they are called) in one charge... and only 4 fought.
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