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I really like this list.

HQ = 182

2x Shas'El
+Twin Plasma

Elite = 300

6x Stealth

4x Stealth

Troops = 420

12 Shas'la
+Decoy launchers
+Target Array

12 Shas'la
+Decoy Launchers
+Target Array

Fast Attack = 84

7 Gun Drones

Heavy Support = 510

3x Railheads
+Decoy Launchers
+Disruption Pod

I just...really like it. I can run devilfish up one side and unload a double Fish of Fury attack with my chrisis suits close behind and gun drones picking up the rear for mobile IC guard and stealths suits....wherever. And hammerheads shooting big stuff and landing pie plates. Its simplistic. Maaaaybe I'd take missile pods on my chrisis instead, or half n half.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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