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Hey, any advise for my Army List would be greatly appreciated, Admittedly I made this during a few classes, but I feel it has potential, I have not had much time to do much with Tyranids since they got upgraded. So I'd like to hear your comments on this list :).

90 - Warrior Prime with Boneswords and Scything talons.
He is alongside my warriors to make use of his High and higher BS.


240 - 3 zoanathropes with Mystic Spore.
Tank hunters to deal with heavy tanks and cause panic.


210 - 6 Warriors with Deathspitters and free Scything talons.
Honour guard of sorts to provide Synapse and damage to the enemies with deathspitters using the Prime's BS

186 - 9 Genestealers with Broodlord.
Outflank into the enemy making use of their new speed.

75 - 15 Termagaunts

75 - 15
Head to objective's and deal damage to the enemy if none are present.

160 - Tervigon
To support the termagaunts and spawn more To capture objectives

Heavy support

200 - Carnifex with Two Scything talons in a Mystic spore
Drop him in front of the enemy hopefully near when the Trygon deep strikes.

240 - Trygon Prime
Deep strikes near the enemy and wreak havoc amongst them.

I'm still fairly new to the New Nids codex and feels like I have to learn it all over again :p. So please advise and I have not got most of this yet. So any suggestions could be used :) Thank you for your time. :soldier:

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Hey there hercsam, welcome to the Hive.

Last I checked the Prime does not grant a warrior unit increased BS, only WS and I. Consider spore-podding that unit as well.

I wonder if this list might be a little low on body count. I know you have the tervigon but the chances of losing the termigaunt spawner is reasonably high.

I can't say I think it's the most competitive list I've ever seen. However I'd venture that it is reasonably solid as a whole.

A Lictor or Hive Commander Tyrant could be highly beneficial to getting those vital reserves units where you need them on time.

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No to bad for a beginner list. I do have a few comments that I think will help you in the long run

I agree in sporing the warriors with the prime, i think they will serve you alot better if you do this. Very dangerous unit!

Your elite unit is 220 points not 240, saved you some points if thats not a typo

I think you genestealers would do better if you drop the brood lord and add 3 more stealers, you get more attacks in the end and a better body count. consider scything talons and adrenal or toxin sacs on them depending on what your up against. (personally i dont field genestealers without talons mostly because i have THE worst rolling in the history of this game but for two points its a reasonable upgrade)

I would probably join your two termigant units into one unit of 30. less kill points for your opponent and much more threatening.

I cant help but wonder why you didn't upgrade your tervigon? his catalyst psychic power is amazing at 15 points especially for objective holding having adrenal or toxin on him is a big bonus to your termigants as well. (something to keep in mind)

I'm not a fan of the carnifex anymore though he is still a beast. For 200 points I think you would be better off with either, another elite unit (hive guard or zoanthrope, maybe even the DoM)more genestealers or even a second trygon. that is your call though it all comes down to your play style. Something to keep in mind though when sporing combat carnies is that they cant do anything until turn 3 earliest so be careful.

Trygons are amazing but don't expect alot out of just one. they draw ALOT of fire the turn they pop and soak up alot of it but sometimes its just to much.

hope this helps you


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Indeed the Prime Does counter its BS And WS To a unit :p Just read the codex. and I agree it is a little low on body count. I'm always uncertain with Hive Tyrants. I -never- know how to equip them effectively so I used to use the broodlord pre-new codex.

However if I drop the carnifex ( as upon re-reading, and thinking, it seems very infective for such a high point cost) I could easily get myself a hive tyrant on the field. Any suggestions for configurations for the most of this list?

Okay, so Sporing the warriors is a effective thing in order to get them where they need to be, but then how do I maintain synapse on the gaunts? relying on the tervigon?. And you are right, Catalyst is simply amazing, Im unsure how I overlooked it haha.

But on the whole. Im thinking dropping the carnfiex, Giving the prime and his group a Spore pod. Join my Termies together into one hoardy group, with the tervigon catalyst to support them. Perhaps either More genestealers or a hive tyrant? drop the broodlord. and if I do not use the Tyrant, use another Trygon?. Any suggestions would be appreicated then I'd write my second and improved list :)

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For 1,500pts your list looks good to me.

I'd use your Fex with a big long range gun, and no Pod. It can sit on your Objectives, as you have no one else to hold them.

Then buy Catalyst, even if you have to lose 1x Zoanthrope to acheive this.
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