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My first list, it's meant to be a close combat swarm army with fire support from MC's.

Here it is:

Hive Tyrant
Venom cannon
Twin Linked devourer
Extended carapace
Enhanced senses
Toxin Sacs
Implant attack
Toxic miasma
Total: 194

16 Spinegaunts 80
16 Termagaunts 92
16 Hormagaunts 160
8 Genestealers w/ Extended Carapace
8 Genestealer w/ Extended Carapace

Heavy Support
2 Zoanthropes (130)

Carnifex (193)
Barbed Strangler
Venom cannon
Extended carapace
Enhanced Senses
Reinforced chitin
Total: 193

Fast Attack;
2 Raveners
Rending Claws/ Scything Talons

4 Tyranid warriors
Rending claws
Scything Talons
Adrenal Glands(+1I)
Total: 128

Enhanced Senses
2 Twin-linked devourers
Total: 113

Totals: 1500 points

I don't have all of it yet so advice/suggested changes are welcome.

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Hive tyrant: personally I would drop the implant attack and the toxic miasma; he is rather too slow - compared to the rest of the tyranid army - to get into combat - so keep him ranged fire support; weapons decent choice

I am not a fan of spinegaunts - but for another 12 points you can make those 16 spines into 16 more termagaunts - which are very effective and efficent troops - I would really make this change

Zoanthropes - list the powers please; though looking at the list I will assume synapse and warp blast (if this is not the case then I strongly recommend this setup)

good choice and good weapons, but split them into 2 different fast attack slots. This way when they take enemy fire, only one can die at a time; really annoys opponents and is a good way to break up their fire power. run them near to each other so that they can support each other

extended carapace - they really benefit well from this upgrade - find a gap and push this upgrade in

Overall: good list with well chosen choices. A little more swarmy than I usually play bit it could work well as I feel that you have a good balance in the army -- good luck
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